Wednesday, 22 June 2011


last night goob and eky had their volleyball finals - and they played against each other!
they were playing off for 5th and 6th spots - so the rivalry wasn't too bad.
they both (and all their team mates) only started playing this season - and they have all improved incredibly from the beginning of the season.
and - what's best - they're loving it - no pressure - just having a great time. (yay!)
they play for their school and the coaches are their sports teachers. really really great teachers!

this volleyball hall has absolutely no insulation (i swear that silver stuff on the walls is just to make it look pretties!!). as the temp dropped below freezing last night - this hall was like an absolute ice box - and the poor girls have to play in lycra shorts and t-shirts.
very brave indeed.
(check in the photos at what the ref/umpire is wearing - he is even wearing gloves!)
meanwhile - i wore thermals under my jeans and had 4 layers on my top half. it was flippin cold.
here are some dodgy photos from the evening.(you can click to see a bigger image if you feel the need!)

winners on the night - 5th overall in the competition.
6th overall in the competition.
the blond one's would be mine!!!
the girls all played so well - despite the cold.
goob's team won on the night. (however they are also substanially taller and older than eky's team)
we now have 3-4 weeks break until the next season starts up.
hopefully the weather will warm up before then........i can live in hope.......

cheryl xox.


  1. Hmmm, am intrigued. I don't think this school existed when I was at school in Canberra! Or else they have had a uniform change in the last 20 years! x

  2. That's to bad that they couldn't play on the same times. At least they got to play each other in a more competition sense.


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