what/who is nefotlak.??

nefotlak. (pronounced 'neff-ott-lark') is our family's on-line name.
We have a very unique surname in real life - so this made up version (for the sake of some internet anonymity) works fine!!
Our family comprises of 5 human members - and a dog.

me - cheryl - forever 21 (that's what I insist on telling the kids - so that's just how it is!! There are rumours that I may or may not be over 40.........) wife, mother, LOVES getting creative, LOVES music, currently studying to become a primary school teacher.
mr w - the solid rock in my life - older than me - so let's say 22! - ex naval man (many years service - it was the uniform that 'did it' for me...), incredibly handy with the tools, patient beyond belief.
goob - 15 - very sporty, very tall, takes amazing photos, beautiful, is a joy.
eky - 13 - very sporty, super creative, LOVES craft, is musical, really wants to grow, cheeky & beautiful.
triple j - our 'baby' - 9 - LOVES LOVES craft, musical, loves netball, very confident, extremely gorgeous.
molly - 4 - spoodle - aka the dog (cross cocker-spaniel/poodle - in the u.s. they're called a 'cock-a-poo' !), thinks she is a human, often found curled up on my side of the bed - we love her to death!

Here's a family pic (minus molly) taken in 2009 whilst on holiday on the Gold Coast, Queensland -

(I'd just like to say that I've lost almost 10 kilos since that photo - and hope to lose more - just saying!!)

This blog is to document all that is us and to share what we do and make, and what inspires our lives.
Hope you enjoy the journey with us.
Love love love comments - or emails - please don't be shy.

For ease of access - here is the first post of this blog with a little more about 'me'.
Also - you can head on over to that list on the right (marked 'tags') for various topics that this blog documents.

Thanks so much for dropping by.
cheryl. xox
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