Sunday, 1 April 2012

new photos from goob

miss goob has a photography assignment for school.

so last night before and after the outing to the footy - we stopped at various spots to let her play with the new camera and the great evening that it was in canberra.

love autumn in canberra!!

ummmm....yeah......that's a closeup of me.......I hate closeups.......(in fact I hate getting my photo taken in general!)......but the reflection in my glasses is pretty cool.

then it was time for some movement shots (playing with shutter speed)  - and her sisters are always happy to help when they can.....

then after the game (sadly the brumbies lost by 3 points - however it was a gallant effort all round - especially the family time and loads of laughs!!).........

sadly we forgot the tri-pod - so goob used my shoulder!!
apparently I breathe too much - and ended up spoiling the shots - just a little!!!!

but it was good to find a great night location beside the lake - and I'm sure we'll be back for more photo fun soon.

then some shots from the car......of a passing bus........

and the inside of the only tunnel in canberra......

fun times!!

so that was our saturday evening - after spending all day at the netball courts and having fun at the footy - we managed to pack some photo shoots somewhere in between!!

some nefotlak-household trivia for you - we worked out that currently both goob and eky have at least 12.5 hours of sport every week - each. (includes training, games and umpiring)
and most of that is at different times to each other - mostly 1/2 hour from home each way.
oi - that's a hell of a heap of driving that mr w. and I are currently doing most days - every week.

so between that - and work - and homework help - and keeping them all fed - and general goings on - not much craftiness or room makeovers are occurring over here - but when we do get the chance - you can bet that there will be proof of stuff reported on here!!!! I promise.
I hope you can bare with the periods of silence while life takes a front seat for awhile?!?!?

and I hope that wherever you are in the world - that your weekend was filled with smiles.

hugz from here,
cheryl xox.

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