Saturday, 24 March 2012

some things for the bathroom.....

wow - it's been a whole week since last I posted!
yes - it's been one of those weeks.
mad I tell you.
completely mad.

so today during my lunch-break at work - I spent some money - cause I can (it's so nice to finally be earning that little extra that can be spent on decorating & fun things) - and I thought I'd share what I done/did!!!

I found this great chunky bath mat - in the perfect colour. it's like a 'seafoam' colour (greenish/blue/grey) - usually hard to find - but it's the perfect fit for the blues that are in our bathrooms. both our main and en suite bathroom were fitted out identically the same by the previous owner - house build circa 2000.

over the last two years we have spruced things up quite a bit - but I didn't blog back then - so sadly we don't have any real 'before' photos.

I'm not going to show you the whole bathroom yet - it needs a clean (I have 3 messy daughters!) - and I'm a tease like that!!

but to get an idea of the before - think blue tiles, white vanity & bath tub - then yellow-ish walls and - wait for it - gold taps!!!!!

oh - I wish I had photos. the main fit-out really wasn't that bad - it just needed some tweaks to make it all come together. I will show more soon - I promise.

however - for now - I will show you the main object of my shopping expedition today.
(well I say shopping expedition - but I just stepped out to get some lunch - and you know - I just had to walk into a shop that sold homewares - and it all went crazy from there!!)

first I present the 'before' space that was lacking that something special.......(be warned - there are feature tiles in this space!....).....

with 3 daughters and a small vanity in this bathroom - some extra storage solutions were needed - and thanks to a little trip to freedom - this space now looks like this.....

cute yes?!
I was umming and ahhhhing about trying to make one - I'm positive it wouldn't be too hard - but it just wasn't going to happen soon enough for me.

it comes in a pack with just a few screws - very easy to put together - it's narrow enough to not be in the way - and it fills the empty spot.

lovely I say!!

here's a side view for your entertainment.......

and some shots of things - you know - close-ups - just in case you wanted to poke around a little.....

some rocks found on various holidays at the coast

although I would love some fancy glass containers - with lots of tiles and kids this lovely plastic container will do the job well. plus some fragrance sticks for sweet smelling goodness!! both plus baskets from freedom.
a basket to store some of the hair paraphernalia!!
and a basket for the hand towels - so they're closer at hand than the linen closet down the hall...
love me some plastic plant loveliness!!! cause I can't kill it!!!! (freedom buy years ago on special)
no - I'm not sponsored by freedom - it's just that we haven't got much else in canberra - and it's close to work!!

I long for an ikea I tell you. please please please ikea - open a store down here soon.

and that's the fun I've had today......

I'm sure I'll tinker some more when I get the chance.

still no progress on the projects I hinted at last week - we really have had a crazy mad week. it annoys me more than you - trust me on this one!

but the amazing news I must share - is that my two oldest lovelies made it into their state volleyball teams - and they're both heading to nationals - eky in the u15's in April - and goob in the u17's in July.
super super exciting. I'm so so so proud of all the work they have done over these past weeks.

so in between all the driving to the various practices (we are racking up the kms on both our cars..), and the helping with school work, working and trying to run this mad house - I do hope to post again soon - when I can - and hopefully it will be something good - or interesting - or - I just hope some of you lovely readers stick around to walk beside me - whenever I do get the chance to share the goings on in this house.....

I do appreciate every single comment - no matter how small. thank you so much for dropping in and taking the time to say hello.
you all make me smile & put sunshine in my day.

loads of hugz from here - and I hope that a beautiful weekend is coming your way.
cheryl xox.

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  1. that mat is nice on your feet, too.

  2. Ewwwww, gold taps! Seriously, what were people thinking?! Perhaps they were the same people responsible for the pink laminex in our bathrooms - haha! Steve works in plumbing supplies, and actually had a guy come in recently wanting to buy gold taps. Steve was like, 'Ah, it's 2012, we haven't made them for about 10 years!' Love your new bathroom addition - looks fab. xx

  3. I'm happy for Goob. She's probably so excited to be playing in the nationals for volleyball. Go goob go.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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  6. That's a great idea.
    This will be a great addition to my bathroom.
    The wife is always nagging me because she needs more shelves and storage space.
    This will do.


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