Thursday, 29 September 2011

blog share thursday - procrastination mama

welcome again!!
this is the second installment of the new weekly series where i'll post about the blogs which inspire and often make me laugh.
they are blogs which i think are absolutely worth a look - maybe even a bit of a stalk!
these posts are my honest opinion..........whatever that's worth!!!!!

today - we're heading over to procrastination mama

the facts
author:  tracey from essex, uk
blog started:  March 25, 2009
total posts to date:  412
intro blurb from author:
Design obsessed magazine addict. Online and in print! Wife, friend, sister and Mama to ...3 mini Chalks! I love photography, French and Scandinavian style and making moodboards.
what's it all about:  life, family, home, design, honesty, being in & documenting the moment - awesome photos
descriptors from me: vibrant, exceptionally fun, refreshingly truthful, intelligent, colourful, great photos, fantastic blog list, love!
first post: so this is it
not to be missed posts: sometimes it's hard., lola's nursery in our dressing room, scroll down for post archive (right toolbar) & popular posts (bottom)
wonderful blog discoveries i made from this blog: giggles down under, house of philia

following photos all from procrastination mama.....

so - if you hadn't previously found it - i hope that this post has been a helpful introduction.
head on over to procrastination mama - say hi to tracey from me!!

hugz from me.
cheryl xox.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

goob's room - turquoise pillow

quick post - mostly pics - here's what i made a couple of weeks ago for the goob.....

i started off with some white fabric (once a bed sheet) - and i roughly cut out two rectangles to make an insert pillow to the size i wanted.....

i then grabbed my turquoise fabric stash which i've been making things for goob's room makeover - and started cutting random sized strips.....

.....then i just started sewing.....

.....and butchered an old pillow insert to reuse for filling in the new one.....

..........and so i don't have any more photos of the making - cause i just got into the making - but here's lots of pretty pics to follow - i hope you can forgive me for this being a half-arsed tutorial!!

i really really like how it turned out - even if it is a little slap-happy and a little uneven and bulky in places!! (i tend to rush when i'm busy creating!)

i am intending on making more pillows this way - so i promise to write a more detailed tutorial one day.

for those that might be interested - the white fluffy pillows behind - i made out of bath mats.
i posted about them here.

hope your wednesday has been a good one.
it's been super wet here - a nice day for triple j and i to laze around in our pjs all day.
love school holiday laziness!!!

off to cook up a special b'day meal - and a choc b'day cake for afters!!

hugz from me.
cheryl xox.

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

gifts for a girl

i whipped up a couple of inexpensive personalized birthday gifts over the past couple of days as triple j had a birthday party to attend last night.

here's what i made.....

on the left we have a button letter c - which i made like the button letter g in this tutorial here.

and on the right we have a jar which i spray painted for the birthday girl to store ribbons - or whatever she likes. i made it as per the tutorial for goob's storage jar here.

we wrapped it all up with a packet of goodies inside like these.....


and a pretty bow attached.....

so, what do you think - have you ever made birthday gifts yourself?????

i do hope they (the parents) don't think i'm being 'cheap'??
my girls would absolutely love hand-made gifts such as these - would yours????
i do worry about such things!
triple j said that casey really loved them at the party tonight. i'm so pleased about that.

with me studying - money is tighter than ever around here. hopefully things will settle into a better pattern soon - or the money fairy will visit during the night!!!?!?!

i can live in hope!

cheryl xox.

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Monday, 26 September 2011

goob's room - lamp upgrade 2

** this is reposted - as i started using the new view blogger template - and somehow the whole post got deleted - not a happy camper **

here's the second lamp i've made over for goob's room makeover.....

it started life like this.....seen here on my messy creative desk.....

first experimentation phase went like this.....a little turquoise acrylic paint and then sanded.....

here's a shot also with the shade i used from another lamp we had..... really wasn't working for i grabbed some paint that i had used on goob's bookshelf and mirror.....painted the base - then roughly sanded......and it came out like this.....

i also gave the shade two coats of the same paint (it's a textured paper shade) worked out great.....

it's a super rough paint job - you can still see the turquoise paint at the top of the pole - but hey - i was going for that rustic look peoples - that's how i roll!!.....

here's how i made the little heart decorations.....

easy heart decorations
1. take some leftover tin from a croissant breakfast feast
2. cut a section out and smooth out with your finger on the for sharp edges
3. punch a shape in the tin.....or cut out a shape with scissors
4. carefully punch through a small length of wire and bend - then bend the other end of the wire to make a hook (i just hung them from the inside of the shade - easy to remove)

here's a closeup of the hearts.....

and here's some more photos 'cuz i can.....

not too bad - hey???

here's a wide shot to show you where it's now situated in goob's room - on the right in the below photo.....

this week i hope to finally finish the post about the bottom half of goob's gallery wall (yeah - i never got to that - and didn't think anyone would notice - but yes - someone is taking notice and asked - thankyou and sorry!!!!! it's actually nice to know that peoples are paying attention!)

i'll also post on that little turquoise cushion i made for goob's bed - the one in that shot up there.....

plus it's my baby girl's b'day this week - triple j is turning 9. oh how the year's have flown.

and - i'll showcase another blog on blog share thursday - stay tuned for that!

hope you have a great week - thanks for dropping in.
cheryl xox.

p.s. do the size of my photos drive you nuts??? is it hard to download my posts??? just wondering and would love your feedback.

p.p.s. hooking up to these wonderful link parties this week.....
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