Friday, 16 September 2011

nefotlak. on facebook

morning!!.....(oh bugger - i started this when it was still morning - but now it's afternoon - how does that happen???......)

it's friday - yayayayay!! - and the sun is shining and it's going to be 22 degrees (celsius) today.
i love me some spring in the air!

so - i've finally set up a nefotlak. facebook page for this wee's a screen shot.....

pretty basic for now - but it's a start.
if you get the chance - i'd love it if you could 'like' the page - you can do that over in my right hand column - just scroll down and you'll see the facebook icon i've added here.

apparently if you get 25 or more 'likes' on a page (i think that's the magic number?!?!) - you get to request from facebook to keep the name of the page - and that's something that i'd like to see happen.
i have this vision of setting up nefotlak. as a label one day......just a dream......and if i get this teaching degree finished and some rooms in this house in better shape - i can put my head into making some actual things to sell.....perhaps an etsy shop......we'll see.

so for now - please go and like the nefotlak. page - if you feel inclined to do so - and let me know if you have one - and i'll go and do the same.

so that's my self important plug over with - phew!!!

here's some pretties to say thank you!!!
some photos i took last week (it was a rainy and cold day - hence the water droplets on the petals) - gorgeous blossoms on our ornamental pear tree out in our front yard.........

we only planted this tree a couple of years ago and it's been struggling with the drought - but finally with mother nature coming good - the rain has made for an excellent showing of flowers.......

don't forget facebook.........did i just go too far??!?!?!?!............ :)

see you on the flip side - hope you have a fabulous weekend.
cheryl xox.


  1. Hey I liked you. I need to learn how to do they facebook thingy better.

    Gorgeous flowers by the way.

  2. I love the tree you planted. What type of tree is that? I would love to plant one myself around my home.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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