Saturday, 10 September 2011

goob's room - upcycled door to mirror

as mentioned in yesterday's post - i'm back today to reveal some more progress on goob's room makeover.

today's post is about an upcycled cabinet door - which has been turned into a wall mirror.....

it used to look like this.....

fyi - the cabinet this belonged to is in our bedroom. (we got it for free when we did a cabinet swap with our neighbours!!) under the doors lay loads of flush fit big heavy drawers. it was super frustrating to open the doors and then open the drawers to get to things - so one morning i declared that they had to come off!! the whole cabinet will be re-painted when we get a chance to get to our bedroom! and the other door may be upcycled to a chalkboard in the very near future.

no progress photos of the following process (bad blogger i know...) - but here's my method -

- after wiping down (no sanding - i'm too lazy!!) - i painted on 2 coats of zinsser bulls eye 1-2-3 (undercoat/primer-sealer/stain killer) - love this stuff - and 2 coats of dulux aquanamel semi gloss fair bianca half strength. (both were bought from bunnings)

- i then sanded it back heavily in spots with our nifty hand sander - and painted on/wiped off a little glaze i made with jo sonja's clear glaze medium & semco acrylic paint in burnt umber. (both bought from spotlight)

- we left all the hardware on the door - 'cuz it reminds us of it's former use - and it looks kinda funky!!!

- we then measured up and got a mirror cut to size from a local glass merchant (after getting about 5 quotes from various places) - then attached the mirror in with heavy duty double sided tape. (mirror cost $50 - which was a bit of a bugger - but it fits perfectly & is covered in a special film on the back which means it won't shatter in a million sharp bits if something bad were to happen)

- on the back of the frame - we added some heavy duty sawtooth frame hangers (see here for what they look like - these aren't the exact brand we used - but ask for sawtooth frame hangers at bunnings and they'll lead you to them!) - and using a spirit level - hung the whole thing up on some hooks.

note: it's not in the exact right spot on the wall - it's level but we didn't centre it as much as i would have liked - when i get around to it - i might fix it up!!

here's lots of pics.....

tissue paper flowers posted about here

this mirror not only reflects loads of light around the room - it also allows goob to have a place to do her hair and makeup - so that she's not taking over the bathroom. (3 girls must share 1 bathroom - and at times it can get pretty crowded in that space!!!)

here's a before and after pic for one last reminder......

and here's one more last pic - 'cuz i can.....

i'll be back tomorrow to post about that jar hanging thingy up there!!

hope you're having a great weekend.

cheryl xox.

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  1. Cheryl I love what you've done with this room and the mirror. I'm a bit slack with commenting, but never miss any of your posts via Google Reader. It looks great, and you've given me inspiration.


  2. wow! This is incredible! Great job! I love it! I found your through TT&J and am your newest follower! you have a great blog! I would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks so much!

  3. Ooohhh it's those pops of turquoise in the room too!

  4. Great idea! Your turquoise is just lovely! Found you at TT&J.

  5. I'm sure goob is super excited for her new room. I'm glad you found a solution or at least a reasonable for goob to do her hair and makeup without taking over the bathroom. I'm sure that helps the family.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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