Thursday, 8 September 2011

some blog changes

call me crazy - but i thought this wee blog needed some more changes!!

i've taken away the flower photo background - and instead used a plain blogger template and added a picture header which i created in piknik.

i've also added a new tab at the top titled diy projects - where i added pictures and links to all my favourite projects so far.

a while ago i also added a tab with the house tour - which i hope to update when i get around to cleaning up a little and taking some photos! (i don't think any room will ever be 'complete' - knowing my a.d.h.d. tendencies!!!)

and finally i also added the little widget that allows people to see other post suggestions at the bottom of the post (go on - scroll down and see the pics and links.....) this was really easy to add with link within. you just type in your blog details and how many posts you wish to have shown - then add it into your page features.
here's a cropped screen shot of what you fill in -

once you fill it in and press on 'get widget!' button - the site then explains how to add it into your blog.

if anyone needs further help with how to add these things - just let me know and i'll add a more detailed step-by-step explanation. more than happy to help.

after looking at and following so many other blogs i just decided to add parts to mine that i always looked for in other blogs - ie - i love house tours, project links and popular post suggestions.

what other things do you like to see on people's blogs??

anyhoo - just thought i'd let you know about the changes here.

best get my butt into gear and share the photos soon of more things i've been up to in goob's room makeover.

hope you're having a great week.

cheryl xox.


  1. Love the new header and I find it so much easier to read blogs without the coloured backgrounds! x


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