Monday, 12 September 2011

goob's room - progress report 2

thought it was time to check in on the general overall progress of goob's room makeover.
for those that have been following along - there has been lots of busy-ness - and you're all probably thinking - heck - isn't it all done yet???? (so is goob - trust me!!!) - but it is getting there - and today i'll show you the proof!

here's a couple of photos of where we are today - with a list below stating what's been done and what is to do (i may regret making this list - but it's something i just need to do!).

so - here we go..........the view from her door.......

can i say ahhhhhhh! we have come a long long way.

here's a little before and after as a reminder.....

and the other side of the room.....

and another little reminder of where we've come from .....

and here's some various other pics of bits done around the room thus far.....

goob's room - the list
* bigger bed  - done - thankyou ikea.
* white blind - done - thankyou freedom.
* blue walls gone - done - thanks to 3 coats of undercoat.
* cushions and pillows - done - back european pillows are from ikea (plus the white quilt), white fluffy cushions (made from bathroom mats)  i've moved in from our loungeroom (posted about here) and turquoise long feature cushion i made last week (i'll post about this one soon).
* lamp makeovers (2) - done - one posted about here - the other i'll post about soon.
* pictures above the bed - done - thankyou ikea - although i have been playing with some ripped bits of scrapbooking paper around the inside of that middle picture - but that will come out - and they will be all hung straight soon - i promise!!!!
* bookcase makeover with fabric and paint - done - love it! - posted about here.
* entrance gallery wall - done - posted about here.
* dressing table with loads of storage - done - thankyou again ikea.
* turquoise bunting flags - done - posted about here.
* large wall mirror - done - posted about here.
* hair stuff containment thingy - done - posted about here.
* notice board - done - will post about soon.
* small storage ottoman - done - thankyou office works - posted about here.
* curtain rod - half done - recycled from other parts of the house - just have to stick on some old crystal door knobs to the ends to finish.
curtains - half done - already owned these - just need to add some more fabric as they don't currently go to the floor.
 new bedding - half done - the quilt cover shown is actually black and white floral - this is the white underside showing!! i will find a nice white quilt cover at some stage - or make something. this works for now.
bedside tables with drawer storage - half done - in the process of painting (they're 2nd hand) and changing the knob hardware. these ikea tables (in the photos) are working fine until the new tables are ready.
* turquoise quilt (to fold at the end of bed) - not done - i have the fabric but this project is on the backburner - too many other priorities right now.
* final paint colour picked and painted - not done - most likely very similar to this undercoat - white - but just have to pick the 'right' white!
* window trim painted - not done (dragging my feet on that one really)
* fairy lights around bed wall - not done - will get when we can afford this bit of whimsy - but it will happen. we all need more fairy lights in our lives!!
* chandelier to replace ugly ceiling fixture - not done - had an ikea price gripe about this issue here. for now - it's a 'wait to afford something' deal.
* wardrobe doors taken down and replaced by curtain - not done. (we're thinking of going this way - we'll see how it goes - otherwise the doors and trim need repainting.)
* large g for the door - not done - have supplies but..........
* door and trim painted - not done 
* new carpet - not done - and we just can't afford it now while i'm studying - but it's on the wish list so i'm posting it here.

phew!! - i think that's it.
so we are getting there - slowly but surely. i think you can tell i hate the painting - but love the making!!!
ho hum!!

thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great week.

cheryl xox.

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  1. Hi, Cheryl! Welcome as a new follower on my blog! Then I could find your beautiful blog and visit you. :)
    Wow you have lots of really great ideas for the home. This bedroom has become so lovely!

    Wishing you a happy day!

    Anette Willemine

  2. Oh Cheryl I know exactly where you're coming from. It's all those things that the untrained eye doesn't notice, but live with them, and they stare you down. The good thing about your list is that many of the things don't need much to finish them off. Get a few of those done one weekend, and you'll feel like it's a huge accomplishment.

    One thing I do, when I list whats left to do, is always take time to think about all the things already done, and this puts it all back into perspective. It's a wonderful transformation you've done.


  3. What a beautiful room. I love it and love that narrow gallery wall.

  4. Just lovely Cheryl!
    It looks amazing, so fresh.
    Love your bookcase! I have one that I'd like to do the same thing to.
    Have a nice day!
    Bek xx

  5. Great progress :) And making lists is the best way to get stuff done! I am a big list advocate!

  6. working on a room myself for my "almost teen"! thanks for all the inspiring ideas! xoox, tracie

  7. So crisp & orderly! I love all the details that you added! I want this room, actually. :) Thanks for linking up at Show & Share!

  8. hi Cheryl, this room is so SWEET! You did a great job. It's just perfectly adorable - you have a fabulous sense of style!

  9. Hi Cheryl, love your blog. Your ideas have really inspired me to some creative updating in my own home - I even started a blog but I lack the commitment to keep it updated!!

    Just wanted to check if I missed something though? You posted details of the top of the gallery wall in your daughter's bedroom makeover, with a note saying Post 1 of 2, but I can't find the 2nd part of the post!?

  10. I think she needs a little more girl type colors in her room. Some pinks or reds would really bring the room more into her age range. Althrough maybe goob wouldn't be into that?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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