Saturday, 30 July 2011

goob's room - turquoise bunting

i promised to post my latest creation earlier - but i've been busy being a mum and super decorator (!!) - sorry for the delay..... :)

look what i made.....
click on photo for a larger view
i've never made bunting before - but have always wanted to - plus goob really wanted some in her room makeover - so i thought - heck - let's do this!!

so - i just winged it.
here's what i did.....

gathering supplies
gather together -
1. fabric
2. some kind of flat chord (i used bias binding - as i thought it would all finish off differently to how it did - but i would probably try to get some kind of flat chord next time)
3. make up a template on some cardboard for the size of bunting flag you want (that's the triangle in the picture) - if someone wants my measurements - by all means let me know
4. a quilter's pencil or tailors chalk (something you can see - but not too dark)
5. pinking sheers scissors
6. normal fabric scissors (not shown in pic)
7. sewing machine with matching thread - i had white thread (neither machine nor thread shown in pic)

method above - left to right:
1. on the back (wrong side) of the fabric - trace around the template
2. turn around the template and but up next to the previous triangle (to save on fabric wastage) - then trace around again
3. trace off as many as you require (you'll see in the pic above - click on it to see a larger view if required - the long sides of the triangle link - and the short side is always at the top or bottom)

method above- left to right:
1. on the long sides of the triangle - cut along the middle of the line with the pinking sheers (don't worry about the marked line too much - it will be at the back of the bunting)
2. on the top edge i used the normal scissors to cut the line
3. repeat this process for all your fabrics that you wish to use

i don't have photos for the actual sewing part - bad blogger i am!! (and i didn't want to sew my finger into the bunting while attempting to hold a camera and sew at the same time...)
me - i held each triangle to my chord (bias binding) and sewed them together using a zig zag stitch - grabbing another as soon as each finished (i'm lazy and can't be bothered pinning - but you could do that if you want to be sure of your spacing etc....)
the tension on my maching was perhaps a tad too tight - and the zig zag wasn't as flat as i would have liked - but hey - i'm trying not to be a prefectionist here - or i'll never get things finished....

here's a back and front of the sewn product - (beware - it's a little rough - but once it's up on the wall - noone but you and me will ever know - shhhhhhhhh!).....

method above - left to right:
1. the back side
2. the front side

and here's the jumbled mess when i finished sewing.....
note: i ran out of thread on my bobbin literally 5 cms from the end - yes - i swore.......

pretties - yes?!?!?!
i grabbed some push pins and strung that baby up on goob's wall (note the walls are still just undercoat - we're still deciding on the final colour).....

now - i should perhaps have mentioned at the start that you should probably measure the wall you want to cover - and maybe work out how many flags you want, what spacings and how long the chord should be - etc etc etc.....

me - i just made it as long as the bias binding was in the packet - and i already cut out 6 triangles in each fabric - so had plenty with leftovers (i'm using them for something else in the room - come back some time and i'll show off that one too.....when i get to it......!!)

when i put this baby up on the wall - it fit exactly. i kid you not!!! the sewing gods were shining on me - perhaps to apease for the bobbin thingy......
anyhoo - for now it's just on one wall - and we'll see how the decorating goes to see if we need more. i don't want to go all overkill on the bunting now i've mastered this wee art!!!!

on another note - i mentioned in my last post that i was perhaps not happy with this creation.
at first i wasn't sure if it was enough for the room - so i had to experiment some more.
here's some of what went on.....

click on the pic for an enlarged view
i played around with some hessian (i think in the u.s. they call it 'burlap' maybe?!?!) - thought it all might need some beefing up.
the additional bits were pinned up to have a look and feel of a possible change - but i was outvoted by the entire family - and the normal bunting now stands (or hangs!!!).

so there will be no more posts regarding this creation. we're done!!

and here it is again - cause i'm happy with it too now.....

i'm really liking it more and more when i see it - and it's looking so good as we add to the room - with the fixing and painting and making of things in goob's room.
this room makeover is coming along so well.
(blogging makes me want to finish it quicker than ever and share what's going on - so it's been a great incentive to get things done)

what do you think?? - you like??? (it's really too bad if you don't - as the family have voted - and it's apparently staying as is....)

back tomorrow with some more bits of the room.....
hope you're having a great weekend.
cheryl xox.

i'll be linking up to some lovely bloggy parties next week with this one - and i'll put their links and logos here....



  1. Cheryl, hi again! thank you for dropping over and leaving a thoughtfully sweet comment. Made my day :) I haven't been here since the map hearts and oh my! You've really been busy and your daughter's room is looking so nice! I'm completely impressed with the lamp redo AND the adorable bunting. Great job ~ hope that you do another "whole room" post when it's finished to get the big impact. Your sense of style really adds a lot :) xo Diane

  2. I am bunting obsessed lately... and I am adding this to my to-do list... It's just great! Thank You!
    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...

  3. Oh my, I've just stumbled across your blog, yay it's lovely!! I love the room it's gorgeous and your insights into how it's coming together is very addictive. I look forward to reading more..and more...and more :) -for the record, I love the bunting just as it is -untweaked ;) I also think the walls look perfect white :)

  4. I like the colors you picked. Most people only make these for celebrations so they pick colors that wouldn't look good all year round. These would.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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