Monday, 4 July 2011

monumental clean up

it's already monday night - where has the time flown?!?!?!
we've been cleaning up like never before in house-o-nefotlak - all spurred on by the upcoming visits planned by many over the next few weeks - always a good time to crack the whip and get things done!!!

all 4 bedrooms got a major doing over.
furniture was moved around and bags upon bags upon bags of rubbish, recycling and good-will were removed from this house.
and wow it feels so so so good.
i am so proud of my family for really looking hard at what needed to go and what needed to stay - most especially hard for miss 8 (triple j) - who sometimes wants to keep everything in sight - and who had to stay away from her older sisters whilst they cleaned for fear of her grabbing everything for her own to keep!!!
it's not all done - but it was the bestest job ever to date!!

goob is now feeling a lot lot better (after our wee hospital visit on friday evening posted about here) - pain is still there but not nearly as strong and she went to school today.
now eky has fallen ill with the lurgy and was home today - poor thing.  
triple j was home on school hols and her and eky lay around in pj's all day watching the box!!! the weather was freezing and windy down here - and as they both cleaned and uncluttered so well on the weekend - i was really happy to just let them go.
chill out days on the lounge are good sometimes!!

me - i did have a big sleep in (no drop-offs to school) - but then did some more decluttering and rearranging this afternoon and evening as well.
i am on a roll!!!
plans are in motion for painting of the girls rooms (they all have new furniture that we purchased or repurposed over the last 18months - and all that now remains are painting and decorations - and hopefully one day new carpet. (they also have my favourite - not - blue carpet in their rooms!!)

i do have this one and only photo to share.
my lovely and ever patient mr w. rarely throws out anything - and lately i've been grateful for this as i've been coming up with all sorts of arty ideas for his kept bits and pieces - but - we (us girls) were shocked to find his stash of our old mobile phones on the weekend (and this photo is not all of them!!!) ...........

what do you think?? - a mobile of mobiles in my birch trees?!?!?!?!
oh dear!!!!!

i hope you all had a great weekend.
cheryl xox.

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  1. It's nice to hear you got lots of sleep. That's something many people do not get enough off. Even if you sleep in that's still better then a couple hours of sleep. It most be challenging handling goob and all the other kids. Making sure they have lunch and are ready for school.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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