Monday, 25 July 2011

goob's room - the upgrade has really started

we're in the process of doing up the girls rooms - starting with goob's room first.

the painting of the white undercoat is nearly all done (it took 3 coats as there was loads of light and dark blue on the walls previously - scroll to the bottom for a peak at the 'before' that we're dealing with......)

we've got almost all the furniture collected now - this has been happening over the last 18 months (including one nightmare trip to ikea between christmas 2009 and new year 2010 - a trip we'll never forget!!! - absolute madness it was!!) - but we're now finally getting the painting and decorating done.

for the moment we're going to decorate it over just the undercoat - that is - we haven't decided on the top coat colour yet.
yeah - eek!!!
we're leaning towards either white (and there is so many to choose from.....) or a very light grey.
all her furniture is now white.
so we'll put it together with just the undercoat - see if we're liking the white look and choose a white top coat - or if it's not working - choose a grey.
confused yet?? - my family is - i keep changing my mind!!
her room is south facing (no direct sun) - and she now has a double bed (she's almost 6 foot tall!) - so the room is pretty full - however we're trying to play down that full feeling!?!?!

i can confirm that the main 'ping' colour is blue. she's always been a blue girl - that didn't change!
but this time there will be bits of it around the room - bunting, paper pom poms, folded quilt at the end of the bed, a little on the curtains, scatter cushion or two - nothing over the top.
here's the fabrics we picked together on the weekend - light blue and white - with a couple of grey and white ones too.

they're ready for me to wash now - and i hope to start 'making' with the stash tomorrow.

i made a trip to sam's warehouse (cheap discount store) and spotlight to pick up some inexpensive bits and pieces to help with the room transformation.
over the next wee while i'll post about what i've made and how we're going.
fingers crossed it won't take too long.

oh - and here's a peek at the before.......

photo taken 2005
photo taken 2005
yes - lots and lots of blue!!!

cheryl xox.


  1. Decorating is fun! Be careful with too many cool tones (in the white/grey) if there's little natural light, it will look cold.

  2. gorgeous colors. exciting. i can't wait to finally settle somewhere so i can get to some of this stuff. x.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I'm surprised Goob didn't want a pink room. She may be to old for that.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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