Friday, 22 July 2011

pretties - yellow glass jars

after seeing a few tutorials around on pinterest and the web - i decided to give this coloured glass process a wee try.

these were two of the many inspirations - and they both had great tutorials to follow.......
 now - let me start by saying - 1. i'm no expert on mod podge - in fact i'm a complete novice - i have some (i found it at spotlight) - but i'm not sure if it was the right one for the job (there are many varieties of mod podge just to make matters more confusing) - but i thought i'd give it a go. - 2. i rush at things - i want to see results fast!!! - hence sometimes things don't work out as planned!!!

anyhoo - here's how my experiment went today...

ingredients - clean glass jars, mod podge, water and yellow food colouring - plus oven on 150 degrees c
clean clear glass jar - the "before"
this is the "during" - mod podge mixed with water and food colouring - swirled around jar
this is the "after" - after 20 minutes in the oven - yes - different jar - but this one worked out the best!!
these are all the jars i worked with - the three larger jars i tried a second coat - and it failed!! lucky this stuff washed off - they're all clean and ready for a second try!!
it doesn't look quite this yellow in real life - but i think it worked out pretty well all the same.
so - that's been my experimentation for the day.
check out those blogs above for their instructions and amounts to use - i just winged it - i think i'll use less water next time.

i'm going to make more and use them as candle holders down the centre of our dining table in the loungeroom - promise to show pics when that's all ready to show.
the room is vastly cleaner than i showed here (scroll down - second last photo - eek!!) - and we actually managed to eat there every night when all the visitors were here last week - but there is still mess around the peripherals - and some painting to do - but it's getting there - slowly!!

that's been my fun for today.
hope things are well in your world today.
cheryl xox.

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  1. Wow. They look fantastic. You've inspired me to give it a go. I'll have to get to Spotlight. I love that store. And thanks for the kinds words on my blog today


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