Wednesday, 20 July 2011

blog neglect

apologies for my absence.
it's been a mad mad time in house-o-nefotlak - school holidays - loads of visitors - lurgies that just won't go away - you know - stuff!!!
triple j was meant to head back to school yesterday - but with all the goings on and having two big sisters still on holidays (they go to school over the border and the holidays this year are all off by one week) - she's exhausted and still home. we'll try for school tomorrow!!

here's the low-down of the last 2 weeks......

we watched our niece who travelled down from sydney to play ultimate frisbee in the uni games held here in canberra 2 weeks ago - and her team/university were the gold medal winning team.
our niece is in the middle knealing with the black visor cap.
my amazing sister (aunty l) popped down from a mild darwin to freezing canberra for a wee 10 day visit. (we haven't got together since x'mas.) much shopping (great mid year deals were found!) and coffee shop visits were had - and loads of cooking going on (she's a great cook). we were spoilt rotten. i miss her dearly already.
a family of 5 also came to visit for 5 days within that same time. very good friends who have lived in new york for the past 4 years - and now they're buying in adelaide. we'll miss them dearly - but our visits together are always loads of fun.
11 peoples in our house was a little bit of a squeeze - but we had a lot of good times.

there has been much use of lego for various creations and electronic devices for gaming pleasure!! there has also been loads of dvd watching - especially since the weather has been so so cold. we watched all 6 movies in the star wars saga - as well as a harry potter marathon in preparation for the final film.

we also managed to catch 3 new movies - mr popper's penguins, cars 2 and transformers 3 (in 3d) - and hoping to catch at least one more later in the week - harry potter of course!!

we loved all 3 - and can't wait to see mr potter for one last time!
we never usually see so many movies in one break - but there are so many good ones out this winter - and we wanted to see them on the big screen with all that sub-woofer rumble that only a cinema can provide!!

so goob and eky head back to school next monday - and i start back at uni on 15th august.
hopefully i'll get some more house stuff done in that time - some more creating - for now though i'm just trying to get this lurgy to leave my poor lungs - and get this household in to some kind of routine once more.

oh sigh!!

hope all is well in your place in this world.
cheryl. xox

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  1. One good thing about the cool weather is the family can watch lots of movies and play boardgames. I know for myself me and my friend's watch lots of movies and play lots of boardgames in the winter then in the summer spend a lot of time outside. I'm glad it didn't feel to cramped with 11 people in the house. That's cool that your niece won a metal for ultimate Frisbee.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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