Monday, 8 August 2011

goob's room - cheap ottoman - score!

i've been thinking that a little ottoman would be a nice addition to goob's room - and have been trying to think of ways to do it on the cheap!

i really like this one (from katrina and amie's first bedroom - off the block).....

photo found here
cute and small and white - perfect......except for the price......$79 from freedom.....ah no - that's not going to be possible.

so thoughts moved to possibly making one - but to be honest - with all the projects i'm currently working on for goob's room makeover - finding one ready made would be very very helpful.

low and behold - on a recent visit to officeworks - look what i find.....

this is how small the package is - it was shrink wrapped
close up of the little label on top (apparently it comes in 4 colours - i saw white, brown & red - all faux leather
inside the lid - this bottom part was folded inside - just fold it out and push in the bottom (black flat piece over on the left)
ta dah!!!! stylish and functional!
it's not overly large - but i find it's rather sturdy - it's a great extra storage spot for goob's room - and it can be easily packed away again if it's not needed.

best bit - it was only $17.00

and now all my girls want one!!
anyhoo - just wanted to share.
back real soon with more.
cheryl xox.

1 comment:

  1. Only 17 dollars? That's a great find for Goob. It's not just all the other people in your family that want one. I want one too.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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