Wednesday, 10 August 2011

the owls and a very proud mum

yesterday mr w. and i (and triple j - as she was home from school sick) attended a wee awards ceremony at the girl's high school.
we are so so proud of our girls.....

i've used a clone tool on picnik to blot out their school and name details - just to deter any crazy stalker types!!
all three of our girls received outstanding school reports at the end of last semester - and to top it off - goob and eky received accademic excellance awards yesterday for all their efforts.


goob received awards for 'media studies' (prodominantly photographic studies) and' health & p.e.' (sport). (some of goob's photo's and her blog are here)
eky received an award for 'textiles'. (i posted about eky's major textile project here)
me thinks they've both got a little of my creative genes!!!
*sigh* - that means so so so much to me - one day i may share with you why that alone is so important to me.

after the ceremony - triple j and i went to check out a couple of shops - as i wanted to buy them something each to remember this occasion.
i found these.....

the bigger owls are only 8cm high
an owl each - 'cuz they have shown such great wisdom this last semester - 'cuz they love harry potter and all the owls - 'cuz i love them like crazy and wanted a little something for their rooms to remind them of how clever they are.

here's a sneek peek of where goob's owl will end up residing.....

that's right - on goob's upgraded bookcase i posted about here.

(the above little dude is sitting on an upside-down tea-light candle - and you'll see why in one of my next posts.......)

so with that and the usual school and sport happenings in house-o-nefotlak - it was another busy day.

does anyone else out there buy little somethings for special occasions for their kidlettes??? i'm seeing an owl collection theme being started here!!

hope your week is going well.
cheryl xox.


  1. cheryl! how proud you must be! no doubt through your great example and leadership!

    Those owls are totally gorgeous too!

  2. Lovely post Cheryl. What lovely girls you have. I can feel that love and how proud you are from all the way over here!


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