Friday, 5 August 2011

that's my dog - and my bedroom!!

walked into my bedroom this afternoon - and found this.....

life must be awfully hard when you're a pampered pooch.....

miss molly had a bath last night and looks oh so fluffy right now.....

and yes - that's a sneek peek of our bedroom.
in a fit of madness - we painted the room dark blue years ago (all 4 walls!!!!)
the room is west facing - and we thought it would be a good colour to cool things down - but - it's all too dark and cave like - and it shows finger marks and dust like crazy.
so once we're done doing up the girl's rooms - this room is a high priority to fix.....

yeah yeah....just add it to the list!!!!!
the bed, lamps and bedside tables are quite new - so things are progressing forwards - sloooowly!!

(loving the stick of deoderant on the right there - really didn't check that before i clicked!! ha ha!!!)

hopefully have loads to show over the next week - the projects for goob's room are all coming along really well.
i'm so over painting - but there is so much to do.
walls - furniture - and flippin' wood work/trim (which has all gone so creamy/yellow since they were painted when the house was built in 2000).

looking forward to a productive weekend here.
anyone have great plans themselves??
hugz from here - and have a great weekend!
cheryl xox.

1 comment:

  1. The color of your dogs fur matches the bedsheets. That's really cute. I love how he puts his head on your pillow like he just wants to be the most comfortable he can be.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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