Monday, 8 August 2011

goob's room - progress report

just thought i'd share some really bad photos of the progress in goob's room makeover.

here's what the room looked like before we moved in.....

here's where we went crazy and painted the walls.....sometime in 2005.....

what can i say - my goob loves blue - but i think we went too far..... (fyi - there should have always been a wooden border where the two blues meet - but slack us never finished that part! boo to us!!)

so finally here's some progress.....

yes - messy - but we got stuck in to the make-over and forgot to take pics of a neat room. (yes - still new at this home renovating blogging stuff - sorry!)
18 months ago we took a hell trip to ikea in sydney (5 hours return by car - never, ever go to ikea between christmas and new year - just saying...) and picked up some new bedroom furniture for the kids.
above you can (or cannot) see a new bed, lamp and pictures (ikea) and linen (adairs) - and there is a new white faux wood venetion blind from freedom (although it's pulled up) to replace the dark wood one that was there when we bought the house.
on the wall where i'm standing - there is another two chests from ikea - and a cheap pine bookshelf which we've had for forever.

so - to change the colour of those walls - we needed a whole heap of undercoat.....

above is 3 coats of undercoat later!!
the whole room is now undercoated - as we were waiting to see what final colour we wanted - and having a blank canvas has helped with the decision.
today i can tell you - and i'm actually pretty sure now that it will stay this way (?!!) - we are looking at white.
the room is so so so so much lighter - and with all the addition of blue pops which i've been making (like the bunting i posted about here) - we're very sure that white is the way to go....

the last week has been spent searching for inspiration for which actual 'white' we'll pick - cause there is far too many 'whites' to pick from quite frankly - and it makes it bloomin hard for us novice decorators to pick!!!

anyway - we're narrowing it down - i'll let you know when we make up our mind.
there is also a heap of trim around the doors and window to undercoat - and the main door and the doors on the closet. they've all turned quite yellow since last painted - which was when the house was built in 2000 i'm assuming.
in the meantime - the furniture is back in place for now - and we're plugging away at the bits and pieces to get this room done.

more to come.....i promise.....

cheryl xox.

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  1. I love your site! You're so creative and I love your style! Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful mom ! Brigitte from Canada :)


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