Saturday, 24 September 2011

goob - year 10 formal

miss goob is getting so growned up!!!

i'm sure it was only yesterday that she was still my baby.......

last night she had her year 10 dance - and she looked absolutely beautiful......and very very tall......

first time she's really worn heels - but she looked amazing. (after this we're keeping her locked up - i'm not liking the way that grown men at shopping centres are starting to oogle at my 15 year old..........)

it was a masquerade theme - though i've heard the masks didn't stay on for long!

some little details......

outfit details - for anyone interested....

dress by witchery (from their latest collection) - $189.95 - you can see it here in white or black
(a little more than we wanted to pay - but it's definitely a dress that she can wear again - and we both totally agreed on it - big bonus right there!!)
shoes from fsw - super cheap bargain at $29.99 clearance - thank you!!
jewelery from deva - about $50.00 worth - loads of bracelets, a necklace, ring and big bling earrings.
hair - by goob - we found a youtube video that showed the best way to make curls with a straightening iron - done!
makeup - by goob - we picked up some great gold eyeshadow - it looked fantastic.
nails (both hands and feet) - by me - with some lovely revlon gold sparkles polish. (it's no use getting false nails - she plays heaps of sport and is not allowed to have them)
mask from spotlight - with some gold glitter (with spray adhesive) and black ribbon added by me.

goob and i spent a few nights checking out dresses online before we hit the shops for this adventure. it meant that we came to an agreement on loads of stuff before we got out in public!!! we picked the dress and shoes from the web - and then hit the stores to try things on. perfect. never ever had something go so smoothly.  just good research or very lucky?!?!?! i don't know - but i liked this exercise in teenager and mum shopping - better than any we've ever ever had!!!

here's some outtakes from the impromptu photo session before we dropped her off at school.....

yeah - she's still 15!!! and i'm in no hurry for her to grow up any faster than she already has!!

not many of her friends took a guy to this dance (she attends an all-girl school). the event is at the school and not a huge event as far as 'formals' go.
the big dance/formal for them is in year 12 - in two years time - and it will be at an outside-of-school venue.
she did ask a good friend (male) to attend this dance with her - but he had a sporting event he had to play in.
lucky really - with her heals she would have absolutely towered over him!!!

she now has 2 years to pick a nice tall guy for the next big gig!

goob is 6 foot tall without the heals.
with the heals she towers over her daddy - mr w. - and he's 6'4" !!!

here's a quick photo with you know i like to torture you with photos.......

and in the interests of keeping things real (look away if you can't handle my truth!)......

i've been studying all day - and i love to have my snuggle socks on when i'm hitting the books!!!!
and molly can't resist any photo opportunity!!
what can i say!!!!!

btw - i'm 5'10".........goob is making me feel short (something i've never felt) and old!

miss goob - i hope you felt as beautiful as you looked. your daddy and i love you very very much. (xox.)

i hope your weekend (dear readers) is turning out fine wherever you are.

here it's back to more of the same - busy - but wonderful!!

cheryl xox.


  1. Oh i'm on super slow internet so commenting while the images slowly cascade into view. Great shoes, nice 'starter' heel, so sensible. It must be tough breeding with the Dutch, they are all so tall, i feel very short when i go to The Netherlands, now i'm feeling short against my children who are finally kicking into gear with their daddy's height.
    So excited - see you at the next year 10 formal when it's our round. My son has already been booked all the way up to several girls' formals, i think he'll be that token 'friend's brother' date, why not, he loves it (aged 7) already. Like last night being the only boy at the sleepover party, love Posie

  2. Giggles, love the socks C, keeping it real!! She is soooo tall. My girls should all be close to 6', they are springy, my petit year 7 won the high jump, no idea how, almost jumped higher than she is tall. G looks gorgeous, all that hair, that dress would come down to my ankles. I know what you mean, girls who look like that in their teens have no idea how men are looking at them as they are innocent & natural. Ooohhh, makes me shudder. Love Posie

  3. It's crazy how tall kids these days are getting. My niece is taller then me. It's scary.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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