Thursday, 22 September 2011

blog share thursday - the beetle shack

welcome welcome!!
here's the new weekly series where i'll post about the blogs which inspire and often make me laugh.
they are blogs which i think are absolutely worth a look - maybe even a bit of a stalk!
these posts are my honest opinion..........whatever that's worth!!!!!

today - we're heading over to the beetle shack

the facts
author:  emily from nsw, australia
blog started:  April 12, 2011
total posts to date:  240  (which puts me to shame as i started just 1 day before - and i have a mere 83 - *sigh*!)
intro blurb from author:
Hi, I'm Emily and this is The Beetle Shack. The place that i blog from, craft from, cook from, and raise my children. Sun drenched in Autumn light and covered in crunchy magnolia leaves. Join me here.
what's it all about:  life, family, craftiness, home, thrifting, food, honesty, being in & documenting the moment
descriptors from me: vibrant, exceptionally fun, refreshingly truthful, intelligent, colourful, great photos, love!
first post: i must write with a pen and paper
not to be missed post: my story
wonderful blog discoveries i made from this blog:  baby mac, tim coulson/photographer of the people (who took some great family & home pics featured on emily's blog), our creative spaces

all photos below by emily/the beetle shack or tim coulson.....

so - if you hadn't previously found it - i hope that this wee post has been a helpful introduction.
head on over to the beetle shack - say hi to emily from me!!

hugz from me.
cheryl xox.


  1. Hi Cheryl, oh i 'know' Emily from Beetle Shack, sweet blog & recent hostess of "I'm Grateful". Love her colour & happy home.
    So lovely to 'meet' you, do you come to the Handmade Market?? I have a big corner stall there, always lots of fun, phew only a week away, eeekkk, love Posie

  2. I love Emily's blog but I like yours more. Emily is great but your blog just really gets me motivated to create things and improve things in my home.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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cheryl xox.

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