Saturday, 11 June 2011

getting aquainted with yellow

as i've mention (in this post here) we're looking at using yellow in our loungeroom as our 'ping' colour -you know - the colour to brighten things up and add some fun.
i've never decorated with yellow before - nor worn the colour since i was very young - so i'm trying to get myself and the family aquainted with the whole yellow concept!

two of my gorgeous girls have very very blonde hair - hair i also had in my youth - but alas hormones and three babies have meant that my blondness is all hair dresser assisted now!! *ho hum*
yellow is just not a colour that we wear much - except for on our heads!

in anticipation of the use of yellow, i thought it best to hang some yellow around - get us used to it - see if we would like yellow to stay.

yesterday i set up a wee display on top of our soon-to be tv cabinet with some little flashes of this bright new friend here and there.

of course the trouble with colours (and neautrals for that matter) is that they come is so many flippin various shades - making them cool or warm - and making life difficult for those of us that don't have a degree in decorating or design or just want to use a colour and don't want to be hassled by the fact that things don't match because of the flippin shade!@$&!@!!

so yesterday i checked out a tutorial through pinterest on making little flower buds out a paper (found here) and got making; threw some wool around the mr gnome's neck (he doesn't mind fashioning various looks when needed); ripped off some of my new fabric (just a strip) and hung up a wreath on a mirror and put it all together to see how it all fits.

just thought it would be a little way to break us all in!
i'm liking it so far - let's hope the family will join in.

cheryl. xox


  1. Love, love, love Mr. Gnome in his gold chains! Yellow is a gorgeous accent colour. Can't wait to see what you do with it! x

  2. has the family joined in? personally i love it. i had yellow walls in my house on maui, which i never would have choosen, but in that house it worked. it really did make me feel happier and more cheerful.

  3. thanks for dropping in ladies. really appreciate you taking the time.

    yes we are quite enjoying the cheerful little bits of sunshine - especially as it's been very bleak and overcast here over the last few weeks. good timing really!!

    cheryl xox.

  4. Yellow is such a great color to decoration with because it's cheery and lively. It's not just about the decorations but the color of them too.


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