Thursday, 30 June 2011

faux glass dome

i'm feeling much betterer - didn't have to get back into bed yesterday - so definately on the mend.
have been pottering around in my loungeroom yet again as i try to pull it all together - on almost no money!!
our tv cabinet has become somewhat of a 'mantle' of sorts - and as such i've been playing around with displays.
came up with this idea that i'm loving - surely someone else has done this - i just happened to have what i needed to make the idea work.

cryptic?? - sorry - i'll get to it!!

you know those glass display domes which are all around the place at the moment?? well they can cost anything from $20 for a basic thin glass dome (found on ebay this morning) or can range up to hundreds of dollars for the 'antique' variety with a wooden base.

here's a pic i found on google this morning -

from at the lovely duck egg blue essential in balmain, sydney here (it's been sold)
 well - we can't currently afford the cheap or the expensive options right now (plus mr w. would think me rather crazy for spending money on a glass dome in this current family financial climate!!) - but i managed to think of this alternative.......(not having money makes one think harder for alternatives - yes?!?!)

once there was a glass hurricane candle holder.........

that was one day turned into a faux glass dome.........

crazy???? i think it works.
it looks good with the other things i've dragged in from around the house.
i'll show you my 'mantle' shortly - don't fret - it will be today - i ended up doing a few things in the room as my brain has been allowed time to think lots while getting over the lurgy!!

goob is still home sick from school - she may go in tomorrow - but she has really been knocked for six the poor girl. luckily we have an extensive dvd collection to keep her occupied!!!

i will be back soon.
cheryl xox.


  1. Well I'm a little excited about this because I think I have those vases/candle holders too and I had never thought of turning them upside down! I'm going to try it out thanks Cheryl!

  2. I can see Mr.W not being to happy about spending money on glass dome's. Don't worry things will turn around.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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