Saturday, 25 June 2011

crazy yellow and grey ottoman cover

remember this from yesterday -

crazy quilting of yellow!
well - this was all in pursuit of a new cover for our very old ottoman.
here's a before from long long ago - and molly is hogging the lens....

look past molly to that green astec thing in the rear......
so a few weeks ago we managed to get off the cover (it was a very tight slip cover) and had clark rubber cut a new piece of top foam to make a better fit with the bottom piece (they were two seperate pieces) - and i didn't take a pic of that bit - sorry!
we stuck that on - then i wrapped the whole thing with wadding - and it looked like this......

then i got sewing with my new yellow and grey stash (including quilting the top as per the first pic) - and we ended up with this.....

behold - a crazy yellow and grey ottoman!
it's all rather bold - and i would have preferred a thicker upholstery fabric - but for now it's far better than the original - so it will do.
here's some obligatory closeups - cause i can!!!

so that's my new ottoman cover i've been working on.
a lot nicer than the original and matches our loungeroom so much better.......

and that's where we're at for the moment. tiny steps to a new room - but steps forward at least.

it's the first slip cover i've ever made - and i haven't even yet checked out my 'Slipcovers with Shelley Instructional Video' which finally came in the mail from the US - (i posted about that lovely find here) but as it was a simple shape, i thought i'd just give it a go!!! what do you think??

it's a lovely sunny day here in canberra (finally after weeks of overcast coldness) - hope it's a nice day in your part of the world also.
 cheryl xox.


  1. Wow, you did a great job with your first slipcover :) I really like the yellow and gray combination you used. I kinda hope your overcast skies and cooler weather are on their way to North Texas we really need them! It was a scorching 102 degrees Fahrenheit today in our city and this is just the beginning of summer...

  2. Love seeing the 'stash' in action. The colours look great and the ottoman is a great shape.

  3. My dog has the same toy. I always grab it and she holds on it with her teeth real hard. She loves to play with that toy. I'm sure your dog is the same way. I was wondering is your dog part poodle?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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