Wednesday, 8 June 2011

mod podge and other finds

the mod podge can wait - i need some help dear readers.
i'm not one to throw caution to the wind and pick wild and exciting colours - but damn it - i think the time has finally come!!

found these items today and i'm thinking of some colour changes for that lounge room of mine that is driving me nuts!
what do you think......

yes - it's yellows and greys!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! maybe?!?!?!?!?!?!
(have to convince myself before i work on mr w. and the kidlettes - but i'm really liking the colour combination.)

here's some inspirational rooms i've been collecting on pinterest -

via dwellings by devore
via luxury interior design journal
via house tweaking
and there's more i've been adding to my pinterest folder on the colour topic here.

today i also went to bunnings (our main hardware store here - as they've bought out almost all the other guys) - and have been pouring over paint swatches.
kill. me. now.
does there really need to be so many choices!?!?!?!?!

so here's a reminder of my current loungeroom -

so - what do you think - do you think it could work???
we'll pull up the carpet (paint the concrete either light grey or white for now - with a big rug - as we can't afford the timber floors i would love)
then paint the walls a warm grey and the cabinets and woodwork a warmer white than they are.......and add some 'ping' with my little finds (all sewn up and looking pretties).
regardless - i'm going to make a quilt and some cushions out of the fabric - and we'll go from there.

really proud of my fabric choices - i was at the store (addicted to fabric) for over an hour just putting together this collection and trying to come up with other ideas and combinations - but i kept coming back to these - they really talked to me!! (or am i really going mad now?!?!?!)
the store ladies liked my choices - but maybe they were just being nice - ha!

then i ventured to spotlight and picked up the grey bathmat (yes i can see another bathmat pillow in my future - like i made here) - (the bathmat is the great textured item in the middle of the top photo), the yellow wool (on sale for just $2 per ball) i'll knit up for a pillow or even try my hand at one of these -

via design*sponge
 and the paint to play around with on some picture frames perhaps.

oh and that's where i found the mod podge -

i've been seeing heaps of diy crafty tutorials on pinterest - and so many refer to a product called 'mod podge'.
i've never heard of it here - and i just figured that we (australians) are often behind in getting such products that i'd just work out an alternative.

well - to my surprise - i found it in spotlight of all places.
who would have thought?!!
it's often really hard to find anything much in canberra - as there really aren't too many choices some times - *sigh* - i miss sydney for the shopping possibilities!

so that's where i'm at.
what do you think........??

 - the choices we have to make.....

and fyi - it didn't get above double digits (centigrade) down here in canberra today - flippin cold i say - and tomorrow is going to be the same i hear.
sounds like a good day to stay in doors and craft i'm thinking!

hugz from me.
mrs c. xox


  1. Love love love the colour combination. Yellow and grey is one of my favourite combinations. I think it will look fantastic and give you some punch without having to do anything really major. Love the idea of concrete floors - I love polished concrete too. What about some stenciling? Also, have a look at the amazing alternatives to floorboards here -

    ...and then the tutorial they used to achieve it -

    Looking forward to seeing how it all goes. By the way, what is mod podge? Am I missing out?!

  2. These colours are my cousins favourite combination! I can't wait to see the finished pictures! Also wanted to say a big thanks for your kind words of support on my blog yesterday. Tuesday weigh-ins are always a bit testing and it's always so lovely to read the thoughtful comments left for me after I post my results. Buoys me on to keep going! Hope you're having a lovely week, Nicolex

  3. I love your solid black sofa. I didn't know solid black sofas could look so good in the right room. I also like the white and black pillow on the sofa. It matches quite nicely. What would be really nice is a solid white pillow. It seems weird but I think it would look really good on your sofa.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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