Friday, 24 June 2011

cross pillow

remember all that fabric i bought a little while back - posted about here - getting into the whole yellow thing?!?!
well, in between all the room painting - which is coming along wonderfully - i've been playing around with my little fabric stash - finding ways to use it around the room.
it's been draped over lamp shades and pillows - in fact it's been vertually all around our wee lounge room lately.
there is way more coming - but i'm not happy with it yet (ha - typical me!!) - but i'm happy with this one for the i'll share!!
here's the pre-made cushion i've had for years (from freedom - so the tag tells me)...

just your average choc brown linen look standard cushion...

 and this week i did this.......

made up a paper template, cut out the cross and hand stitched it on!
not bad huh?!?!
oh - and can you see the wall paint colour behind - nice yeah?!?! really loving the new walls. (promise to get my ass into gear and reveal the room soon..)
i've also pulled out my big beast sewing machine (that had some serious dust deposits - as it hasn't been used in so long - ya know - working/study/kids/life......) my Janome Memory Craft 6500 (i forgot how much i seriously love this machine) and i've been crazy quilting the life out of some yellow - trying to come up with a cover for our wee ottoman.....

that's all i can show you for now (yes - i know i'm a tease!) - as i'm not happy with the end results of the ottoman cover - but i'll fix it a little and suck it up and show you maybe tomorrow!!!

hope you're having a great day.
cheryl xox.

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