Monday, 20 June 2011

netball and stuff

well - that weekend just flew by - yes?!
ridiculous how quickly the time went.
here's a rundown of our weekend.....

saturday at our house is usually consumed with netball during the winter months.

(i meant to take a photo of an actual netball game - however i was scoring - and i forgot.)

all three girls play this year - with game times ranging from 8:30am until 1:30pm - at two different locations!
mr w. and i take turns each weekend at the various locations as the games overlap and we can't be everywhere at the same time.
last year was worse - even though we were at the same location - however on top of the three girls playing,  i was also coaching and playing - and two of the girls were umpiring - so we usually spent all day out in the cold, listening to whistles going off every other second.
this year goob has changed clubs - and she's a much happier little vegemite for the change. (she's also playing better too - with a coach that is supportive and encouraging - instead of a coach that is in it for a personal power trip)
she now plays for her school instead of our local club - and she coaches a younger team - and it's getting noticed at school and has been mentioned by quite a few teachers that they are really pleased with the leadership she has been showing. hearing such comments has certainly helped boost her self esteem - which had taken a battering from a club and association that seem to be 'in it' for their own adult ego trips instead of looking after the children's best interests.
so goob has broken away - and made the move.
we now drive around more and juggle pickups - but a happier daughter is far more important than the extra time spent on the road.
netball and volleyball car trips are actually brilliant times to talk with the girls about the world and all that is going on.
we have our best conversations in the car.

so apart from the netballing madness - we were babysitting our neighbours 2 kids for most of the remaining time - as the husband ended up in hospital with pneumonia - eek! he also has type 1 diabetes and his blood sugar levels were all over the place so he ended up in intensive care.
the kids are 8 months (miss s) and 2.5 years (master m).
wow - it's a mind twist to go back to looking after little ones again!!!!
little miss s was a crawling maniac getting into everything! luckily my girls were amazing at looking after them. little miss s ending up falling asleep at one stage on eky's lap - so very cute.
neighbour is doing much better now - hoping he'll be home fairly soon.
both the neighbours and us don't have family readily available on hand to help out in time of crisis - so it's great that we can depend on each other.

in between all of that - a little more painting happened - it's looking great - can't wait to get it all done and show some good pics. i'll hurry - i promise!

mr w. did manage to put that big loungeroom tv inside the cabinet as i was hoping for (after much hole drilling for power chords and shelf re-adjuststing) - and it fits perfectly.
here's the fit (warning - more bad iphone pics ahead...)

and it all now hides behind these -

and i even managed to organise the power chords after some pinterest inspiration here - with some bread tags and a marker pen........

organisation is taking place in this house - one baby step at a time!!!!!!

in food news - i cooked a yummy warm stew - and goob made an amazing caramel tart - we'll take photos and share another time - we just didn't get a chance. sorry! it was a freezing weekend - and comfort eating was the order of the days!!

hope your weekend was great.
i've got to get back to painting!! here's to a great week.
cheryl xox.


  1. what a weekend! Ah netball. I swear it nearly killed my parents driving me from coaching to umpiring to school, to reps to carnivals.

    I am loving the repurposing of the bread tag too!

  2. It's crazy with three kids playing sport, isn't it? Sounds like you had your share of fun...he he!!! :)
    Claudia xo

  3. Can I just say, the most impressive photo is the last one!! I want an organised power board like yours instead of guessing which cord belongs where. Love the alternative use for bread thingies. Genius!
    ps Hope your neighbour gets better.
    pps I do love the tv cabinet too!

  4. I was mad about netball right up into my 20s and I love the idea for cord organisation.
    Best Carolyn


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