Sunday, 5 June 2011

look mum what i found in my locker...........................

tupperware containers - by gabrielle louise
i was wondering why our sandwich container stash was getting awfully low - but i had too many other things on my mind of late to think about it too deeply.......

more tupperware containers - by gabrielle louise
then my lovely goob decides to finally clean out her school locker - and return the stash that had been missing.....

this is what the items in question look like on the tupperware website -

tupperware sandwich keepers
so - i've managed to clean them up - and they're back in the cupboard......until they start to leave home and live in goob's locker once more!!!!

perhaps it's a nice place to live?!?!?!

oh - and i've changed my kidlettes names on here now - just fyi.
there's goob (yep - that would be miss g.), eky (miss e.) and triple j (miss j.)
i just like it better that way.
(and i've edited old posts to reflect the new online names - lucky this blog is so new!!!)

i have been crafting up a storm today - having so so so much fun now that the studying stress has lifted off my shoulders. phew!!! and because of this goob has been taking and editing photos like crazy (the top two photos are hers and she's loaded more onto her blog- she's got some amazing flower photos - clever huh?!?! - and just 15!!) and triple j has been crafting up a storm (or some houses...... - i'll show you tomorrow).

here's another photo from goob - taken in our back yard today -

via gabrielle louise
*sigh* - love!

it's funny how my girls bounce off my days of craftiness.
cool too - ya know?!?!!!

talk to you tomorrow.
mrs c. xox


  1. Hi I am stopping by from Maxabella Loves.

    I love the colors of the tupperware sandwich containers. Kids can be unknowing hoarders.

    Doesn't feel great when you ae on a hot streak with creativity. The kids see it and they catch it too! They get inspired.

  2. Love tupperware! Those sandwich containers are fun. you're lucky they were returned and not flogged by your daughters classmates!

  3. The images are fabulous ~ especially the leaves on the deck. A clever daughter you have, Mrs C.

    Thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments on my blog too ~ it is lovely to know you are there and reading.

    Cheerio, Virginia x

  4. Wanted to drop by and say thanks for popping over to my blog :) I have to say these tupperware sandwich containers are fab but obviously not much use to you stored up in your daughter's locker :)


  5. I'm actually packing bpa free plastic containers for my niece now for her lunch. The in plastics worry's me.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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