Saturday, 4 June 2011

i've done it - the semester is done.......

just completed and uploaded my last assignment for the semester.
thank goodness i say.
i'm totally exhausted and done. just done.
some days it's incredibly hard to study full time and still partake as a coherant family member.
thankfully i have an incredibly supportive husband (that's been on full time cooking duty this last week) - and some pretty amazing and patient kids.

in a few days i shall partake in some of this loveliness..........

champagne bubbles by Gaetan Lee via flkr
but for now i'm off for some major pillow love and well needed sleep as i attempt to disolve into this happy, dreamy place for the next few days..............

via pinterest
hugz to you all.
mrs c. xox


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  2. 'm glad your husband is cooking. That really helps the family out. I'm sure Goob isn't cooking for herself totally yet? I may be wrong about that though.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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