Friday, 17 June 2011

the painting begins....

happy friday peeps!!!!

i can't believe it's almost been a week since my last post.
this week has flown.
we spent a wonderful time (last weekend) up in the southern highlands with very good friends, and as the weather was miserable (it rained the entire long weekend) we had no choice but to laze around and enjoy good conversation, movies, loads of food, general merryment - and staying indoors to keep warm!!
once back home - the kids went back to school & mr w. went back to work - while i had the task of finally picking a wall colour for the loungeroom.

yesterday i picked up the 4 litre can - it's taubmans 'silkworm' - kind of a light browny grey - i liked the warmth of this compared to the more bluey greys.
i'm loving it so far......i'm just always nervous when it goes up hoping that it will look as good all around the room as it looks inside my head!

today i made a start......(can't find the camera - so these are all care-of-iphone)

i've cut in down the bottom and the sides - but got too excited and wanted to start rolling the wall to see what it would look like!! (i'm a little hopeless that way - no good with surprises either - fyi!!!)

of course the new colour is making all the trim look revolting and in need of whitening. great - more work - what have i started?!?!?!

oh - and over the last week - i did finish off my little knitting project - the yellow cushion.
i have named thee yellow knit - here 'tis.....

yellow knit seen here with my bathmat pillow
yellow knit is basically two knitted panels hand stitched together with a ribbin wrapped around.
incredibly brilliant i know! ha!
i do like a lot of different textures though - so it works for me.
i have never been a huge knitter (made one jumper in my youth and retired from the sport) - however this little exercise was very cathartic - so perhaps i'll engage in some more.....we'll see....

oh - and in other news - i received my marks for the semester from uni - an HD and two D's (and a pass and great report from the prac placement) - i guess i still 'have it' even after a two year break from the studies.  i'm glad i'm taking a break now - it's nice to switch off that part of my brain and switch on to more creative stuff.
(yeah - some days i think i started studying the wrong thing - but i'm too far gone now - i have to finish this thing - and i will damn it!!!!!!!!! )

so - for now - i'm keeping off the streets - keeping busy making things pretty!!
it's cold and windy here in canberra again today - good day to stay indoors and paint - so i'd better get back to it.
hope things are warmer where you are.
happy happy friday from me to you!
cheryl xox.


  1. that's a gorgeous paint color.
    enjoy your break from uni. x.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Happy Painting! Nice colour! Congrats on your uni results too. And your clever knit cushions. You should sell on Etsy. Or what about those Canberra Handmade markets?

    Btw, I love that gnome - where did you get it?!

  3. thanks for dropping in lovely ladies! you are both very kind.

    sarah - gnome came from freedom - in their gardening section!! i love him dearly!!
    have been thinking of etsy and the lovely handmade markets - my neighbour does them - but i want to get my house a little more in order before i can think about making stuff for other peoples!! definately something i've been thinking of though.

    cheryl xox.

  4. Great colour. I love it when they have a warmth to them too. Can be hard to find!

  5. I love the ribbon you put on the pillow. That was a nice final touch. I wish I could buy some of the pillows you make.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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(i'm a poet and i didn't know it - ha.......sorry!!)
cheryl xox.

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