Friday, 10 June 2011 name is.......

i'm coming out!
i've been hiding behind a name that just doesn't fit.
when we (ie the family) set up this blog i thought that a lot of anonymity was needed - but not going by my real name just doesn't sit right.
so - just to let you know - i'm cheryl - and i'm so very pleased to meet you!!!

thank you to all those that have been leaving such lovely comments. it's nice to connect to peoples all around the world - others that just get it - ya know?!?! i really really appreciate your messages.

anyhoo - have been busy in house o nefotlak - two kidlettes home sick from school on wednesday (cold & flu lurgies - but they're back at school now - so nothing too drastic) - and i've been busy crafting and designing the changes for our loungeroom (and trying to keep the family calm in the process - as they moan - "not more changes....???" - they're really not helping!).
the good news - the husband is coming around - and that's the main thing.

some really helpful suggestions from the lovely sarah at catalogued life, regarding flooring options (which mr w. is quite keen on actually - and i may not have to resort to a powerpoint presentation on the pros and cons of the idea!)
i had seen one of the links that sarah had sent through a while ago - and i'm so thankful for the reminder as it could really work. it involves a cheaper wooden floor option shown in demo here

from frugal farmhouse design
it's turning into such a cold winter here in canberra - and the painted concrete in our study looks awesome - but is rather cold - and would be too cold for our loungeroom, where the kids love to sprawl out on the floor.
so the painted wood could really be a good option. then if one day we can afford the more expensive option, we would have already laid the plyboard foundation in preparation - although i'm hoping that the above option will suit just fine. (i really like this look)

i'm off to the hardware store today to get some sample pots of grey for the walls - fingers crossed we find a good one - i'll keep you posted.

crafting - i made this tassle -

and started on a cushion cover doing this -

(and i now have sore arms! - apparently i haven't used my knitting muscles in a very long time...)
 which finally grew into this....(one side of my cushion!)

i've also been experimenting on how to turn my old silver storage boxes (from my office) from silver to white.

mish mash of boxes!

you would think that is easy - paint right! - but i haven't been completely happy with the results.
i've tried gluing on fabric, gluing on paper - and just plain old paint - but because of all the silver's been a bit of a bugger job to complete. and in typical me-style - if i'm not happy with the finish i kinda drag my feet on completing the task.......
here's a close up - (the blue bits are painters tape - right boxes are the original colour)

anyhoo - that's my current issues. would be so much easier to go and buy new white pretty boxes - but we can't afford them and more importantly - these work fine - it's just the visual factor that i have to deal with.
(i'm being a wee pedantic - yes?!?!) maybe i should have left them silver - damn!!

these also need to be finished painting - (left are the original - right have a few coats of white paint) -

i must say - the good thing about having a blog is that you really want to get projects completed so that you can show off the results - no matter how many viewers are watching and/or interested.
we have so many half completed jobs in house o nefotlak!
i love brain storming and coming up with the ideas - i just need little worker bees to do the hard yakka for me and get the job done. (or i need to stop day dreaming and get off my ass - perhaps!!)

at least i have a break from the studies to let my mind wonder without too much guilt!! now i just need to get some projects moving and/or completed before the next semester starts up again.

that's it from here for now. hope things are far warmer where ever you are. it's been a super cold week here and i'm sure i saw a hint of snow on the brindabellas while dropping off triple j to school this morning. (they are the mountains that surround canberra)

this weekend is a nice long one here in nsw/act for the queen's b'day. we're heading up the road to lovely bowral to stay with friends. really looking forward to some good company, good food and good times.

have a great weekend in your world.
mrs c.  oops - cheryl. xox


  1. HI CHERYL! Lovely to meet you!

    I so love your projects and the happenings of your Canberra family. Looks like you have been so busy, and yes you have to keep on top of your projects so we can ohhh and ahhhh.

    xx Gemma

  2. Hi CHERYL - yes your new name deserves CAPS! I'm happy to meet you again! (and I'm so glad you liked links - can't wait to see what you do!)x

  3. oh the pressure!!!

    thanks lovelies!

    cheryl xox.

  4. It's nice of you to share your projects with us. We don't even need to know your real name. We just want to have fun by seeing what you create with your projects.

    -Zane of ontario honey


thanks so much for dropping by - don't be shy to shout out hi!!
(i'm a poet and i didn't know it - ha.......sorry!!)
cheryl xox.

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