Saturday, 30 April 2011

will and kate's wedding

i wasn't that interested in the lead up to the big day - but last night i could not move away from the tv.
we all sat glued - watching the spectacle unfold before our eyes.
the royals / the outfits / the hats (!?!) / the trees in the chapel / the dress (and bridesmaid dress!) / that amazing smile / the natural chemistry between will and kate / the crowd / the wow
i was the same age as my miss e. when diana and charles wed. 
i'm glad we took the time to take it all in. (tissues firmly placed by my side.)
it was an event that we'll remember for a lifetime.

just amazing.
huge congrats to will and kate - you did it with amazing style and grace.

(Photo: Reuters / Toby Melville)

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  1. i wasn't interested at all, but then i started watching and thinking about how she was becoming a true princess and sort of got swept away. the bridesmaid dress was AMAZING.


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