Thursday, 14 April 2011

easter card craft / a tracing exercise !

miss j. is on school holidays this week - miss g. and miss e. don't start until next week (the joy of living on the border of two states - ugh!).
so once again miss j. has been crafting!!
she decided to make an easter card for a good friend - i love what she comes up with every single time she creates! - here's the original -

(she tells me the line on the head was a mistake that didn't rub out!!!)
so i then suggest she make some more - as i'm sure some family members would love a miss j. original of their own!!!
now miss j. would be happy to draw free-hand any day. it's how she rolls!!!
instead though - i thought i'd show her how to do something different - to make duplication of a design easier to repeat.

normally in this techno age - one could use a scanner perhaps - but mine's not working *sad*.
so - instead we went old school and i showed miss j. the finer points of tracing to get a mirror image.
we grabbed some baking paper and a 2B pencil - and away we went.
i traced the basic outline for her - to show her what to do (as she was looking at me a little nervous by now - worrying that i'd ruin the original!! no faith in her own mother, i'm telling you!!).
once traced - i turned the baking paper over, grabbed a fresh card, then aligned the image and scribbled away -

 here's the duplicated image.......

very happy with the result - away miss j. went to colour!!
here's the final product - original on the left - copy on the right.

so - now miss j. knows how to trace.
do you remember doing this stuff??
hope you're having a great day.
mrs c. xox

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