Wednesday, 13 April 2011

autumn has arrived

the weather has definately made a change.
autumn has decided to show her face.
it's only going to be 16 degrees c today - eeekkkk!! (ok - i'll admit - not really 'cold' as such - but when you've been dancing along merrily in lovely mild weather - the sudden change bites!)

we live on the border between act and nsw in australia. i love the definite differences between the seasons here. in other parts of australia the changes are not nearly as defined. (perhaps melbourne and tassie are similar - however for other main cities north of here it's a vastly different story).

there is an unwritten law in the canberra region (we were told soon after we moved here in 2000) that one is not allowed to put on their heating until anzac day (25th april) has arrived.
just between us - i nearly always cheat!!!!

when it decides to turn cold - it gets flippy cold quick: the wind bites, the temperatures drop quickly and you feel it deep in your bones.
so - today i cheat.
and look - i figure that i'd rather find out early if my heating system is not working up to scratch. (that's my excuse - let's stick with that)

this region has been heavily planted with diciduous trees - so visually the change is beautiful and very noticeable.(australian trees are mostly evergreens and don't change colours with the changing seasons.)
i lived in sweden for 12 months as an exchange student many many moons ago. the huge influence of that beautiful country lives within me now - hence the major planting of birch trees in our front and back gardens.

here are some pics from our back garden today - i hope you like them -

i'll soon get around to writing about our huge back yard changes (we put in a pool!!) - but that will have to wait.
now i'm off to have a warm drink.
hope it's a nice day where you live.
mrs c. xox

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