Monday, 18 April 2011

study makeover - a work in progress

we've been finally fixing up the room that i seem to be spending so much time in - what with uni study and blogging and all!!

i don't have any before shots - the room was always such a frightful mess.
close to both the front door and garage door - it became the dumping ground for almost everything.

imagine though - yellow walls - blue carpet - dark walnut coloured furniture - black wall shelves in the darkest corner - and mess - mess - and more mess.........

changes include crisp white walls; pulling up the carpet and painting the concrete floors; painting the wall shelves (including all the brackets) and all it's contents white; roadtripping to sydney for some ikea love (6 hour return drive - now that's dedication to a product line!!);  moving the desk to the largest wall which will eventually allow three peoples to sit and work at once.....and more.

things still to complete - install a desk top (currently getting quotes - it's a 3300 x 700 mm white laminate benchtop that mr w. will then make into our desk); once desk is in - hook up all the wiring so it's out of sight; finish painting all the boxes from the shelves; find a mirror for above the sofa bed. (this room also doubles as a guest room - hence the hooks installed near the clock to hang coats etc); and probably move that picture up!!

so - it's still a work in progress - but we're loving the changes. so bright and airy. a really great place to study and create. my girls and i have already begun to study along side one another - which i find is really neat!!

here's more pics -

sofa bed, cushions and clock all from ikea (we've had these awhile - now they all just 'fit' better!!)

wall hooks = chrome kitchen door handles from the hardware store !!

magnetic canisters from ikea on galvanized metal strip (used for strapping together house frames!)  from hardware store attached with double sided tape.
one of my inspiration boards.

the painted concrete floor - rugs from freedom.
and this is my current make-shift desk - a place to blog - to write assignments for uni - to ponder life!!!! i get to gaze out the window at the pool when i feel the need & i can see the front street and the path to our front door in the reflection of the glass in the picture above my head!!
so - that's where we are at.
those that i've allowed to peek at this room beforehand in real life will attest to the huge changes that have occured. it's an amazing change from what it was.

i'm loving my new space.

mrs c. xox


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cheryl xox.

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