Saturday, 16 April 2011

industrial look - 1

after completing the bones of our lounge room (apart from removing the carpet) - i now wish to jazz up the room a bit - give it some feel.
i love the industrial look - have for ages - just haven't had the space to make it work until now.
(well - i'm hoping i can make it work in my little world - kind of awkward showing my feeble attempts here - but - well - we'll see how i go!!! eek!!)
i really love letters and/or numbers on walls and/or on furniture/cushions/accessories - large & small.
in fact just love typography in general.
haven't got a whole heap to spend - so looking at grabbing ideas where i can and trying to make it work here at home.

here's some yum interior shots that  i love -
 the first two photos found at
this one from v25 the blog 
this from Room Remix
and do check out these and more gorgeous pics at  
The Essence of the Good Life blog -     
so.......i've started to collect me some numbers........more on that in my next post........
mrs c. xox


  1. Love the photos...I'm also a fan of industrial and typography!

  2. I love the green chairs. Did you paint them that color or did they come that way?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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