Wednesday, 20 April 2011

happy easter - happy holidays !!

we're heading away tomorrow for a 7 night holiday - so this place won't get updated for a wee while.
we're going on our (what has become) yearly easter trip - this year with another 8 (yes 8) families.
it's camping - in style!!
almost all of us have invested in pop-up caravans.....after years of doing it tent-style.
we're heading to the high country (nsw snowy mountains) - where it's very very cold at night - but lovely clear days.
we're hoping to spot some more brumbies (wild horses) - and generally have some more really good times.
great friends, super conversations, lots of kids of many ages, loads of chocolate - good good times!!
i'll post some pics when we get back.
meanwhile - when i went out in the backyard earlier to take the above photo - this little shadow was following close behind...........

and the not for the chocolate eggs...........but for..............

.......that tennis ball on the right........and miss molly waiting patiently for it to be thrown!!!

oh moo - you are far too cute!!!

i'm off to pack loads of warm clothes - and head out for some supplies.

have a safe and happy easter everyone.
see you when i return.

mrs c. xox


thanks so much for dropping by - don't be shy to shout out hi!!
(i'm a poet and i didn't know it - ha.......sorry!!)
cheryl xox.

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