Sunday, 16 October 2011

home hair salon - we survived!

It's so useful when the kidlettes grow up so they can help out with things.......including colouring and cutting your hair!!!

Yes - you've read that right - I let one of my girls be a hairdresser on me last night!

* pause for effect *

With money tight - and me in desperate need of some beautifying (especially with starting 3 weeks prac at a local Primary School tomorrow) - drastic measures were taken to help me look my best.

My 15 year old goob was my co-conspirator - and eky and goob also both got the home hair salon treatment in preparation for going back to school for Term 4 this week. (their hair is gorgeous super blonde - and in no need of chemical enhancement. Yes - I'm very very very jealous. I had super blonde hair until hormones got the better of me when I chose to have kids!! You can see their natural hair colour in this post)

Some background - I always do mr. w's hair with clippers - and also have cut the girls hair at various times in the past (no formal training - just trial and error - which there have been some - but not many - errors I mean!!!) - but I've never let any of them touch my hair - so this really was a first.

Here's the result this morning - after a little help from the GHD straightener.......

Not too bad I must say. In fact I'm pretty stoked with how well it turned out!
(it does look a little strawberry blonde in some light - but generally I'm very happy with the outcome)

NOTE: I may or may not have just touched up a little with that wonderful photo editing software picnik - just smoothed out my face perhaps - only a little - but I will use all that is at hand to help with my phobia of taking and seeing my own picture!!! For that I make no apologies! I did not change the colouring of the photo in any way. I promise!

Now back to the hair - no in-progress photos - too busy with worrying if it would all work out ok.
Here's how it was done.........first up we used this to even out my colouring.....

Clairol nice'n easy - ($12.60) - from K-mart yesterday. And it was!

We were extremely nervous - I haven't used a home colour since before I was married!! And goob kept repeating that she was really worried that my hair would turn orange. Yeah - thanks for helping me keep the nerves down beautiful girl....!!

But - in the end - we just followed the instructions and it all worked out well. It has really evened out my colour and my hair looks more natural and healthier than it was. PHEW - part 1 complete.

goob then got to work with these.....(more heart palpitations for me).....

Top - hair cutting scissors ($8.61) - and bottom - hair thinning scissors ($8.61) Also both from K-mart yesterday. The top scissors weren't as sharp and crisp to cut with as I'd like - but you get what you pay for.
We'll perhaps look at getting them sharpened - or upgrading to better ones in the future. The thinning scissors were great!

All of the girls in this family have incredibly thick hair (very lucky we are) - however with the very dry air in Canberra my hair often ends up looking like a fizzy mop! (I kid you not!) The thinning scissors worked a treat to settle down the boof-look just a little.

I cut my fringe (I don't let many people touch that!) - oh - and yes - I gave up on the growing-out-the-fringe-caper that I talked about here. I've had a fringe my whole life and frankly feel just naked without it so it's come back to stay!!
goob ended up cutting about 10cms/4 inches off my ends and thinned it out a great deal. I was scared - but it's so much lighter (in weight) and sits well.

She also gave eky a cut and I gave goob's hair a trim ("don't take too much off mum - I still want to have mermaid hair!!!" - from the 15 year old. Give me a break!!!!)

I'm so so so so happy with the results - and relieved. (oh - and so are they - super pleased - they just wouldn't allow me to take photos!) It was hard to put that much trust in my daughter - sad but true - but she came through so well and I really shouldn't have doubted in the first place.

What do you think - do I scrub up OK??
Hell of a lot cheaper - under $30 for all three of us - compared to the over $200 it cost just for me at the professional hair salon last visit!!

Now I have my much needed confidence to take on year 5/6 tomorrow!!! I really am looking forward to it.

Hope all's well in your world.
cheryl xox.
p.s. i was paid nothing by nobody for this post - just in case you were wondering! I just thought I'd share what worked for me.


  1. Best of luck with your prac!! Also your hair looks great.

  2. My mom asked a few times if I can do her hair, but I always said no. I just didn't want to mess up her gorgeous hair :) Yours look super, so congrats to the home-hair-stylist ;) xoxo

    - Urska @

  3. Hi Cheryl, just found your blog, it's beautiful well done!!
    I'm passing on a blog award to you so stop by and check out the details on my blog (soon!)
    Nice to meet you!

  4. My niece wanted to cut my hair. I was not comfortable with this. Who knows though maybe this is what will motivate your daughter to be a hair dresser.

    -Zane of ontario honey

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful styles. For good haircut you need to have best quality and professional hair cutting shears. Professional shears help a lot in every way.


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