Friday, 14 October 2011


my reflection pool - expensive but oh so peaceful (when it's not summer and screaming kidlettes have taken it over)

I've been thinking a lot about blogging lately (you know - so I don't have to think about studying....) - and there's been a load of posts around blogland that have fed into those reflections.

 '10 reasons why I don't read your blog'- at 'Where's My Glow?'.

 '....Five tips why I won't leave a comment on your blog'- at 'A Beach Cottage'.

'Getting comments on your blog' - at 'And Then There Were Four'.

'Why I DO follow your blog' - at Catharsis.

'People do not follow blogs; They follow other people'- at 'Writing Happiness'.

'A few tips from a blog groupie' - at 'Karen S. Elliott - The Word Shark'.

A lot of interesting and very insightful reads.
The first link really got me thinking - including all the comments that accompanied that post.

Ultimately your blog is your space. Period. But if you are hoping for more people to join you on this bloggy ride - there's a lot of good stuff in there to have a think about. 

My number 1 reason for leaving a blog - when photos take far too long to load. That's just me.
(eeek - I hope my photos don't do that for you...?)
If anyone wants tips on how to make your uploads and reloads of photos better - let me know. I'd love to help if I can.

For this blog, I've decided to give better punctuation a go - sorry if it's been bugging you. When I started this blog I seemed to have an aversion to capitol letters. Did it bug you?????
I do draw the line at nefotlak. and family names - you'll just have to suck it up and deal with those.....
Last night I even went back and fixed up the last two posts - but that's it - I'm not going to fix up the remaining 90+ prior to that. Let's just call it all 'a personal-blogging-growth-spurt' - and be done with it.
No haters - please!

I am a people pleaser generally - but I also thought that I don't really deserve a teaching degree if I can't even punctuate my own blog!

Huge thanks also to Sally over at 'Us+House=Home'- for taking the time to send me an email to let me know that she couldn't leave comments because of my blogger settings. Hopefully it's all good now.

I also feel that I have been hiding behind a lot of fixing and crafting - surface stuff that keeps me busy but doesn't show the real me. There are reasons behind that - I'm working on those. This little growth spurt I'm having has made me see that. I'm going to attempt to be the real me. Cause I'm OK once you get to know me! Promise.

hugz from me.
cheryl xox.


  1. Be yourself Cheryl!

    Punctuation, capitals, etc who cares? Write what you feel inspired to write.

    I think I follow the blogs I do because they are following their passion!

  2. I am a new follower, and I love your BLOG. I am a grammatical-fiend (long story), but I don't care if other people aren't, as long as they are happy being themselves. I am reasonably new to the blogging world, and didn't realise there were so many rules ~ it really is quite scary. I just talk about my life, my dreams, my shop. Hope that doesn't scare anyone off! Adore your work. Mx

  3. Yikes. People think too much about these things. Some of those bigger blogs are a bit up themselves really. And their posts about this topic are generally just traffic/comment generators.

    I think if you want to connect with another person or you like what they've written you leave a comment regardless of the grammar, word verification or poor design features.

    Simple! xx

  4. In-line with the "Getting comments on your blog" post, it takes someone to jump out and just enter that first comment. Cheryl - you were my first "random" comment. You know, the first comment not posted by parents or in-laws or siblings. It was the best thing ever! Not to mention that I'm here in the US and you're over in Australia! Hats off to you for commenting on a tiny little blog with NO other comments. It made my day. This post is fantastic - thanks for gathering these links and sharing them.

  5. well i don't care tuppence if you have capitals or not.

    it's what you write about, and the way you express it, which makes it worth reading, in my book.

    Your pool is beautiful. I often think that pools are more worth having as reflection ponds, throughout the year, than as swimming pools, for some of the year. Amazing how much time I can spend gazing into the reflection of a beautiful sky in a lovely pool!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and you have raised some very valid points here. Virginia xx

  6. If you can read your teenagers texts, you'll realise punctuation is long gone. I try to write grammatically correctly paragraphly . . . but me have science degrees, we don't like to write!! I do make up words, type how i speak & totally blog for my own reasons, the main one, revealed today (dated tomorrow, you know me & my dates!!) Love Posie

  7. Oh i did a post on competitive blogging, got some very interesting comments!!
    Love Posie

  8. You're welcome, Cheryl :) And I'm so glad I can comment now!

    Sally xo

  9. Thanks for the link love, Cheryl! I've got a whole month worth of posts like this all written when I was cranky and sleep deprived.

    I agree completely with the pictures taking too long to load, especially when compression software is free. I only put images that are maximum 600px wide or 1000px if it's a collage because taking ages is so annoying!


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