Friday, 27 May 2011

new desk top love

if you'll recall from yesterday's post- our new desk top arrived.
so here it is - now in it's home in the study.

arty angled shot - it's actually hard to ger this huge sucker all in the lens!!
please excuse the grainy shot - it's from my iphone - as miss g. has escaped with the other camera for a geography excurision today!!

the desk top is a super heavy bugger - lucky we had a strong male friend staying over last night who could help mr w. bring the huge thing in.
it's currently just sitting on top of those draw units - with a couple of old encyclopedias raising it up a smidge extra for good measure. we want to see what height suits this tall family first before we fix it into place - but it is so heavy that I can lean and work on the left end - and the desk top barely moves!!
mr w.will get onto fixing it onto a wooden batten on the wall - and make an end on the left so that things can be organised (ie hidden) a little better.

already it's so so so much better than my little make-shift desk i've been sitting at until now -

before shot - i would sit at that little table on the left!!
the one good thing about my little make-shift desk - it made us aware that we needed a desk top slightly wider than first thought - as this is a family of long legged peoples - and the extra width would be far more useful.
super glad we went with the wider top.
super happy that progress is happening - albeit slowly!

more pics of the new desk -

my spot to blog and do (or not) uni assignments.
a straight on shot for those that don't appreciate my arty one!!
things still to do - organise all those bloomin cables and fix them up underneath so they're out of sight; complete the painting of the boxes on the shelves (white) so they melt into the wall more (i have many more boxes on the dining room table waiting for some painting love! they hold my huge stock of crafting bits and bobs); put holes in the desk top so cables can come up for the 'puters & source some hole cover thingys to make it look pretties; buy an apple keyboard and mouse - cause they're white and good looking and I want them!!!; add some underbench lights under the shelves from ikea & decide whether to buy one more chair - or stick with the stool (??!) (i'll have to make the 5 hour return sydney trip for some ikea love me thinks - shame really!); and just generally settle into the place.

we ordered the desk top online through a local kitchen cabinet making company (it was the cheapest option we found) - then we picked it up a couple of weeks later. it's plain white laminate - nothing fancy - just solid and smooth.
dimensions = 3300mm x 700mm
cost  = $532.00
(making it 700mm wide instead of the usual 600mm booted the cost out a little (like $200 - eek!) - but we're really glad we went for the slightly wider width.

here's the other wall which we finished a few months ago - (and there's more pics in this study post).

many months ago (sometime last year) - we got quotes to have built in cupboards and desks added to the room - for over $3500 - ouch!!
a few ikea pieces (draw units under printer & shelf unit), sourcing some items and putting them together ourselves (the desk top and drawer units) and repainting the black shelves and all the boxes - we end up with a much cheaper alternative - and we're so happy with how it's turned out.

oh - and i've added a tab with the nefotlak. house tour up the top (as all the cool kids seem to be adding them to their blogs - and i love visiting them!) - go have a look up top ...... then come back here..... - so i'll keep photos updated in there also when we get around to doing things and documenting them.

i'll repost once i've done some more of the 'to do' list for our study also!

love love love my new desk.
hope your day is going well.
mrs c. xox


  1. that's fantastic! Besides being incredibly jealous for not having such a fabulous space, I just want to wish you lots of enjoyment in this room.

    you so need to upload to Pinterest when you've got the good camera back!

  2. Great long desk. I love how long mine is too. Two can work at once!


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