Monday, 30 May 2011


my internet connection has jumped in and out and is so flippin slow today.
and i really need it for good not evil today - i'm actually getting through another assignment. (surprise!)
but i need good internet speed to check on sources to reference and quote.
and i need it in a timely manner or i may slip and lose my concentration and start hanging out at undesirable places like blogs and pinterest or the like !?!!
(if i were a kid today - perhaps they'd diagnose me with ADHD!?!?!?!)
the gods of the internet (?!?!) are really really making it hard for me today.

kill. me. now.
*mrs c. bangs head once more on the new fabulous desktop - just hard enough to not cause a dent*

i'll be back soon - i promise.
hugz from a frustrated me.
mrs c. xox

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