Sunday, 29 May 2011

pinterest love

oh my.
yes - i'm late to the party - but i am still managing to have a very very good time!!!
it's only been 24 hours since i finally logged into pinterest and started to play around.
i have a confession.
i'm hooked!! hook, line and sinker......

i have found more inspiration for my home and loads of crafty goodness in 24 hours than i would have ever imagined.
yes - you can waste a heap of time there. absolutely. without. a. doubt.
not a good place to visit if you have university assignments to complete........*sigh*
but it is really good.
the amazing and creative things that peoples are sharing is truly inspiring.
if you're interested - here's a link to my page - if you need an invite to join - just drop me a message and i'll send you an invite.
if you need help navigating around - there is a tab on there to the pinterest blog that tells you more - and that also has links to other peoples blog posts on how to start out - i found this blog post very useful.
anyhoo - i really must go and do some real work.
happy sunday peeps!!!
mrs c. xox

1 comment:

  1. smile. i know. i love that i can store all my favorite things in one spot.


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