Tuesday, 24 May 2011

i'm alive and all is well!!

prac was amazing - and - i survived!! year 3/4 is not really so bad after all!!
thanks for the lovely well wishing comments from those that stopped by.
apart from the 'íncident'- it all went really well.
i have a glowing report - and now i wait until later in the year for my next prac placement.
so now - i have some assignments to complete to finish off the semester - and in true mrs c. style - i'm procrastinating by moving around the furniture in the loungeroom!!!
(hey - i couldn't do anything creative around the house for 3 weeks - so i just needed this little break! hee)
here's some pics - i'm loving the new layout - heaps more room. (still hating the blue carpet - and still want some other changes - but don't we all???)

you can see here how it looked before.
i've also been making some changes to that lamp on the left (no-sew changes) - but i'm not completely happy yet - i'll post more on that once the assignments are done and i have some time.
i do love me my King Furniture Delta Lounge though - it's so easy to reconfigure - which is perfect for peeps like me who like to change things around - often!! some days i'd love it to be in white fabric (slip covers) - but the leather is so easy with kids. thinking of making some slip covers for a change though....hmmmmmmmm.
it's now back to the books/study-time for me.
hope all is well in your world.
mrs c. xox


  1. Glad you enjoyed your prac and congratulations about your glowing report! I love moving furniture around too - a change is as good as a holiday they say! I always feel refreshed after changing things around, except my boys often come home and say 'oh no, mum's moved the furniture again' haha

  2. my girls came home from school and groaned in that exact same way!!
    mr w. just shakes his head and smiles. 20 yrs of being married to me does that to a guy!!


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