Tuesday, 3 May 2011

my girls

two days into prac - and all is going well.
busy - but well!
just thought i'd share with you some photos of my gorgeous girls. (yes - i'm completely in love with them - and totally biased!!)
from left to right above - triple j is 8yrs - eky is 12 yrs - goob is 15 yrs
photo taken at the start of the school year in february this year. (and miss e.'s first day of highschool)
here's another - 'say cheeeeeeeese"!!

that's it from me - i'm off to get prepared for tomorrow's teaching sessions.
hugz from me!!
mrs c. xox 


  1. thanks for stopping by kristi.

  2. Lucky you - your girls are beautiful (and good luck with your teaching sessions too) x


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