Sunday, 27 November 2011

yellow fling is over

yes - I'm done - my little fling with yellow has come to an end.

getting a new coat of white.....

I tried to really like it.....

  tried really really hard.....

it looks so good when other peoples use it - but yellow and I just aren't compatible with each other.
it's time to say goodbye.

with christmas decorating starting in house-o-nefotlak this weekend - some changes have to be made.
lucky for me - the changes were never huge - just splashes here and there.

I asked mr w. to get down the christmas decorations this weekend (we store them in our roof space).
we usually put up our tree on 1st december - but it's a thursday this year - and he will be away interstate with work.

just seeing all the boxes - the kids and I and mr w. just couldn't resist to start right away.

yesterday before they had even changed out of their pj's - the decorating had begun.....

(one star was added to cover up an instance where some underwear may or may not have been showing - then I just went nuts with the stars!!!! hey - it's that time of the year!!!)

blue stars because our tree is decorated in blue, white and silver - and yes - there is some crazy stuff going on with that cabinet on the right - I'll let you know when I have finally made up my mind!!!

apart from decorating madness - we managed to fit in a trip to the movies on friday night (breaking dawn 1/twilight for goob, eky and I - and arthur christmas for triple j and mr w. - both movies were enjoyed muchly by all parties involved) - and we also attended a 4 year old b'day party at the neighbours. good times.

and - I may be starting work this week - a 6-8 week contract - back at a place I worked at last year. amazing money - great people - and hoping for 4 days a week (and still allowed to go away over christmas!)
fingers crossed it all gets confirmed tomorrow. the extra money would just be perfect at this time of year.

so - hope you've all had a great weekend at your place.
hugs from here.
cheryl xox.

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