Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my new/old job

today was my first day back at a real job.
you know - an office / cubicles / all dressed nicely / computers / printers / lunch breaks - the lot!
and it felt really really good.

the reason for most of my enjoyment was that this job is at a place that I worked at 12 months ago - just for a short 4 month contract (I was replacing someone on long service leave) - but it is a great place to work - and the people are amazing.
today felt like I was coming home!

there were loads of hugz from surprised peoples - the welcoming feeling was amazing.
I only got a call on thursday about the position (I was their first choice to fill in while they advertise the position) - and it all only got confirmed yesterday.
no time for gossip to spread as it does in small-ish office spaces - most didn't know I was coming back.

I won't write on here where I'm working exactly - I'll just say that it's a government agency that may or may not have something to do with this..........
source of pic
I applied for a full time permanent position in another section when I was there last time - and missed out by the smallest of margins. (it wasn't in the section I dreamed of - but it was a foot in the door. someone got the job that had already worked within the section previously)
I was devastated.
at the time I had just met my bio mother for the first time (not a hugely successful meeting) and missing out on the job felt like such a huge personal rejection. I cried at home for hours.

the thing is - I do believe the universe plays out just how it should (on most occasions!) - and if it weren't for that set back - I wouldn't have finally gone back to Uni to finish my teaching degree.

however - today I found out that another full-time permanent position is coming up next week - and it's in the education section of the department - the place that I really really wanted to work all along - my ultimate dream job of the moment. (plus the pay is pretty amazing - about $25 000 more per year than a first year qualified teacher!!).

the hours are quite flexible - so I could definitely still do Uni part-time while doing the job - but I just have to make a decision quick - and get an application together.

lots to think about this evening.

I guess I could give it a shot - and if the universe doesn't want me to have it - then that's the way it will be.

oh dear oh deary me!!!

must go - huge storm hitting down here right now - and I must turn off this computer before it gets fried!!!
(updated - check out the nefotlak. facebook page for an image of the radar over canberra last night - it was a doozy!!)

send me some cyber strength - I need it right now.

hugz from here.
cheryl xox.

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