Monday, 28 November 2011

christmas tree 2011

(didn't mean to publish this until tomorrow - but hit publish by mistake!!! - what a goose I am!)

here is our christmas tree for 2011.....(warning - loads of pics ahead!).....

it's very much similar to last year....and the many years before that......we like to stick with the blue/silver & white theme for our lounge room.

we bought the tree for our first-born's first christmas (this is it's 15th outing!) - and it's been a brilliant tree ever since. 

the colour choice came from the room coming with blue carpet when we bought it - and we've never had a chance to change it since!
besides - when we do finally change the floor - the kids have made me promise that the decorations stay the same - there's just too many memories and years of crafting in this tree now - and it just has to stay.

apart from the photo I posted on sunday - in this post - here's another two of my santa helpers that are so so so good at tree trimming now. (I've got them very well trained!!).....

we have set jobs - the girls put the tree together - then mr w. adds in the lights. then I add the tinsel - then we all add the millions of decorations.
it's an absolute hoot.....

all the decorations above in the little squares have been hand made by all of us girls over the last few years.

and we always try to make something - however small - to add every year.
(I'll post tomorrow about our latest additions so far - we did a little making on the weekend)

here's some night time it's my favourite time to sit and enjoy the sights of the decorations.....

so - thanks for popping by. I do hope you enjoy our tree.

oh - and p.s. - I got the call about the job - I start tomorrow for a 2-3 month contract - YIPPEEEE.
very very pleased to be able to earn a little cash over the coming holiday season.

hugz from here.
cheryl xox.


  1. Cheryl - your tree is fantastic. So lovely.
    Congratulations on the job.
    Kylie x

  2. Your tree is just lovely, and congrats on the job contract!

  3. Hi Cheryl! nice to meet you and thank you for your comment on my wreath. I think your tree is gorgeous - you really have the theme 'together' and I love your photos! (I had to giggle about the 'publish' thing! once it's out there you can't go back :)

  4. Love the blue and silver color combo for Christmas! And especially if you're lucky enough to have a White Christmas where you live. The tree looks lovely.

  5. I love all the lights you have on it. I think if you put one more decoration on that tree it's going to fall. All joke aside your family did a fantastic job decorating it.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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